Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have lost myself in the art "couponing"... I can only imagine what could have been saved...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just another day in Paradise

Seriously what parent puts their almost 3 month old in a Bumbo? I do... this girl wants to stand and be held all the time! The swing is just not cutting it and you all have seen what happens during tummy time! And look at the smile it produced!!!
Sunday was a nightmare at church with Noah. Even a well seasoned Mama knows that there is no fixin' 1 o'clock church. Noah and I spent most of sacrament meeting in the mothers lounge. I thought that maybe if I rocked him he would drift off to dreamland and would wake with a smile on his face. Which would mean a chance he would go and stay in nursery. Nope... here is what happened...rocking humming... a 20 minute kicking and screaming tantrum full of the death roll move... more humming and rocking... and then it happened! Sweet slumber!!!! ahhhhh.... a few more moments and he will be sleeping deep enough to walk back into Sacrament meeting.... then she came... we all know her... the mom with the starving baby... Noah stirred for a moment but fell softly back to sleep... until 2 stinky diaper changes came in back to back! That was it... all over... we went back to sit with Daddy... Until he crashed his forehead on the bench in front of us... For the Love of Pete!
The lesson learned from this....
If Sunday's Naps are missed... They are made up on Monday... Even if you are in the middle of your happy meal and think your new car is a nuggie!!!
I'm glad I have 4 more days until Sunday!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Doubt Not...

The first time Zion rolled from her tummy to her back was at 6 weeks.
"Just a fluke... She won't do it again" I was told.
Well here is the proof... Over and over she goes...
Zion 9 weeks 6 days old.