Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

day dreamer

In response to my friend Kristen's blog question:


What a tough question for me to answer I fear...
Because I know the answer... one I wish was different.
In less than 3 years we have had to have one dog and 2 cats go on a one way road trip to Mr. Vet.

so so so sad.

Hector the guinea pig died in Marc's hands.
Scout the rabbit along with Machine the guinea pig that was always dressed as a skunk found freedom with a family who had loads of rodents... (big fan of craigslist on this one)

We just have our dog Mollie and our orange cat Mr. Jack-0-Lantern laying around the house on 94th Terrace now...

so so so sad.

Mollie is 12 now. She's blind in one eye, has cysts on her back that aren't so lovely...

not many more birthday in her future I fear.

For Valentines Day I entertained a day dream of having the kids skip home from school to find a cute yummy smelling puppy with a heart tied around her neck waiting for their arrival...I think she would have been named something mushy like cupid or lollipop...

My Marc-a-Roni swashed these dreams... reminding me of eaten furniture and pee on the floor.
And kennel fees while we played on vacation...

I'm already dealing with furniture damage... and pee on the floor is soon to be with a potty training toddler...

So I have decided to wait... but not forever... because kids need dogs.