Sunday, August 31, 2008

Episode "100"

Have you ever wondered why sitcoms hype us all up for their upcoming 100th episode? Most of the time there is nothing 100 about it... Nothing exciting... just an episode.

So... Here I am POST 100. Exciting huh? It has been over a week since I last posted... Let me invite you to watch a little rundown of last week.

Monday Wake up... Pack 3 school lunches... dont forget a love note...FHE...bed... too tired to even read Breaking Dawn.
Tuesday Wake up... Pack 3 School lunches... dont forget a love note... Help during Kindergarten lunch... I am a PRO at opening milk! ...Bring home 2 friends from school with the kids... dress for soccer... get to subway too late to eat there... run to the soccer field to meet the coach.. practice runs over time... take 3 girls up to church for achievement days... 10 minutes late... oh and I am also late for a Presidency meeting... Get home at 9:40pm... start Jordies homework... Bed by 11pm... Too Tired to Read!
Wednesday Wake UP... GET OUT OF BED.... Pack 3 school lunches... dont forget a love note... Playdate with the Justesens... Meat guy shows... buy meat.... Myka, Melissa and boys come... They take Jordie and Isaac for a bike ride... Jump on the tramp with Ammon.... Eat Dinner.... NO homework! ...
Thursday Wake up...Chicken Nugget day... Dont have to pack lunch! Pick up kids from school... eat dinner... get ready for soccer practice... leave for practice.... manage to bring all 4 kids home since my Marc-a-roni went to a game of his own tonight... PMS HIT! Read some of Breaking Dawn... Hummm...
Friday.... PMS... I am in such a crappy mood! I gotta get out of this groove! Marc-a-Roni is praying for my monthly visitor so that I can get out of this funk! I watched Prescott and Hyden this morning while Melissa went to the dr... Melissa came and watched Noah while Hyden and I went and opened Milks for lunch... 1/2 day today so I checked the kids out 10 minutes early...
Melissa and I got a crazy hair and decided that we were going to all go fishing when Myka and Marc-A-Roni got home from work... Still a big Grumpy Bum... but trying to phase out of it... Had a blast fishing... The kids LOVED the night... I wish we had gotten a video...
Saturday.... Crappy MOOD! And TIRED! We took the kids fishing again... Nothing was caught... Not that we would keep it anyway... Nasty Fish... Went to the Ice Cream Social... Had a good time! AHHHH A Break from the Crappy Mood!
Sunday... Great MOOD! But I must say.... Cramps are a pain in the behind! I mean really are they necessary for our salvation!?!?!? Isnt Child birth enough? Read more of the book... hummmm.
I am looking forward to Monday... It is Labor day and we get our Marc-A-Roni home another day! Lucky us! We sure like to have him around!

So there is my 100th post... Not all that exciting... A bit more reveling then most of my posts... Lucky for most of you, you didnt have to deal with me and my Crappy Mood this week! Lucky Duck!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Call out To "MELISSA"

Ok so I am dying to know which "Melissa" you are. Your comments are always complimentary and kind... but since you have NO blog I can not pinpoint who you are. I have asked a couple of my Melissa friends and they tell me that they have not commented... So who are you! Please end the suspense!

Friday, August 22, 2008

aRT cLaSs

Isaac brought this home from art yesterday. I was talking to me Marc-A-Roni this afternoon about it. I posed the following question: "Is this a BOY or a GIRL?" His speedy reply was "A NINJA" But when we asked Isaac he said ... it is this really famous girl, I just cant remember her name... I was pretty sure it was not a picture of Angela Jolee...or Jessica Simpson... So I asked if it was a "girl" named Mona Lisa. Isaac excitedly responded with a Yea that's It!...

Look close and you too will see the amazing resemblance...

Just the 2 of Us...

Last year, before Noah came along, I was pretty upset with the looming future of me alone during the day while our kids were off to school. But then Noah came along... I thought he would fill my day just enough that my heart would not break every morning as I walked back home from dropping the kids off at school. Guess I was wrong... because I am sad. I miss them like crazy! Ammon asked me if I would "homeschool" him so he would not have to go back to school... He is my homebody you know. My response? "No... If I home school you then you will turn out to be a "wIErDIe..." I guess that was the right answer... he had me sign his folder for the next day...
I have grounded myself to HOME next week. I have eaten out lunch almost everyday... Wandered Wal-Mart and Target too many time...(yes I have left empty handed several times) Visited my Marc-A-Roni at work... BORING... Hung out with Hyden and Prescott... Oh and Melissa.. Note the lack of housework on this list... I guess I figured that if I was not home I would not miss them so terribly! Not true... I miss them bunches and Bunches...
I used to give Jordie a kiss at school and tell her to "Make it Last All Day" I am going to have to follow my own advise and Make It Last All Day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do as I'm Doing

If only he new how to stuck a straw... He has NO idea the wonderful taste of Diet Coke... For now he is content just to copy me!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I didn't know how much I loved the sound of kids at recess until I heard it today. How lucky are we to live across the street from the school.

Monday, August 18, 2008

1st dAy oF ScHooL

I am so proud of you Isaac. Already a big 2nd grader. Where has the time gone!?! You have an amazing ability to make others happy. You are always concerned of others feelings. You are so tender toward those who may struggle with day to day tasks. I have seen how you have praised others as they have accomplished a tough task. You carry such a sweet peaceful spirit with you. I wish I was more like you my sweet boy. I am so thankful I am your mom, because each day I am able to be with you. I love you! Be strong and Stand for what is right!

You are so beautiful. I just wish I could keep you young forever! You are growing into an incredible young girl. 3rd grade with be a challenge but I know that you will be able to do great things this year! I am so happy how you have chosen such good friends. You are so aware of what is going on around you. This summer you helped me so much with your baby brother Noah. I have seen a glimpse of you as a mother. Your kids will be so lucky to have you love and nurture them.. I sure love you my baby girl!
FYI... Ammon's has done this face on purpose! I love a good photo shoot with him... There is never a dull moment with him!

I could not be more pleased with our Beauties! I am better for having you in my lives! I will miss you all so much each day while you are away!

Friday, August 15, 2008

tHaT DaRN CAt!

Our Northview Panther!
We are so proud of who you are becoming Ammon. You are truly a special little boy. I can only imagine the growth you will achieve this year. I have watch and marveled as you have developed the skills to be kind to others. To be respectful of your teacher. To befriend the friendless. I am excited to watch you grow!
You chose this shirt to wear on your first day of school. I love how it screams how cool you are! You have an amazing personality! You are fun loving and carefree! This is one of my very favorite things about you!
You skinned your chin yesterday playing at the AirZone! Even with a scab you are so Handsome
No photo shoot is complete without one of your crazy faces! How you can make me laugh!
You were so excited to go to school until..............
We noticed that Sage was following us. She meowed and meowed! I wonder if she too was sad you were growing up. She is such a crazy cat. Most of the time she is a loner. She seems to want nothing to do with us... but this morning was different. She cried and cried as she followed you to school.

It was so darling how you would stop to give her a little love and tell her you would come home after school was over. She sat on the playground until you walked it the door.

Once you were in school you seemed not so sure of yourself any more. It was hard for you to be our confident boy in a strange new place.

Once we got in class you perked up!

Don't forget your mom is a germ-a-phobe... Don't drink out of the water fountain and use your hand sanitizer...
The last sweet nothings before I let you free!

All the kids were drawing a picture of their first day at school... But all you wanted to do was make a snowflake!
You buddy Nick was dressed to kill today! All proper...

Haley was dressed so nice... she even had jewelry on!

I am sure you will have a wonderful 1st Day of Kindergarten!

You Ammon Are a RockStar!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

If I dont go to bed will it prolong sending my baby to Kindergarten in the morning?

Here I sit. It is late and I need to sleep. I have a hint of sadness in my heart tonight, for tomorrow my sweet baby will be a baby no more... He will be a Kindergartner. For 2 years it has just been me and him... him and me during the day. I know he will be fine. He has had his school blessing from his amazing Daddy, he knows his letters, colors, how not to run with scissors... he just grew up on me too fast.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

City of Fountains....

Kansas City is know for all of the beautiful fountains found though out out our city. I love driving by a fountain that is filled with children frolicking with glee in these fountains. Yesterday morning I woke up and decided to have a fun day... We left the breakfast dishes and took off for a day filled with fun... 1st we ate at Fritzs... Not the best food in my opinion but to have your food delivered by a train... dreamy! We had a 1:10 apt at Keliodoscope for the kids to get super duper creative! After this the kids changed into their swim suits... we walked across the street for the kids to play in a fountain. The weather was perfect.. Noah and I watched the kids under a shaded tree. Ammon did not last long in the fountain. He was too excited to play with his many creations he made at Keliodoscope!

Monday, August 11, 2008

6 Quirks to insanity...

I have made a "blog friend" I am not sure really how we became friends... She stumbled upon my blog a few months back and has checked in from time to time to see how we are doing... Well my blogger friend has tagged me... I thought it was a funny tag since I have just exposed my super powers of smelling to the world...

  1. I am a germ-a-phobe... is that even a word.. it has gotten worse as I have gotten older. I carry germ-X wipes with me at all times... We NEVER eat off a table when eating out before I wipe it down and give it my stamp of approval... I hate public play places... Can you imagine the germs on them.... pee and poo... barf... snot... oh I want to puke! So.... seeing the RitterB's at a play place is a true treat for my kids... We have done it from time to time but not before strict instruction to not put your hands in or near your mouth... hand sanitizer breaks are a must... and a bath once we are home.
  2. I find myself checking adoption situations daily... It became an obsession when we were searching for our amazing Noah. Now I look just to look... Maybe I will find our baby girl in the process... It is not like we can even adopt another right now... crazy I know...
  3. I love Diet Coke.. I always ask if a restaurant is serving Coke or Pepsi. If it is Pepsi I immediately say Water Please... Because the word TOILET WATER pops in to my head in BIG BOLD LETTERS! PEPSI=TOILET WATER I wish I had the same experience with Diet Coke... I just can not give up the stuff! ADDICTION come to mind!
  4. I love love love the flavor and sent of PEACH I enjoy drinking the Walmart brand of PEACH crystal light... I can drink it all day... with the exception of a diet coke now and then...
  5. I talk to my sister-in-law almost daily. Not that we have a ton to say to each other but we can think outloud with each other and not be judged by our thoughts! At least I hope so...
  6. I am not a bug lover... When I lived in Los Angeles we had roaches in a couple of the apartments we lived in... It was something I NEVER got used to... I once lived in a basement apartment where I taped off the door ways from the home so that bugs could not get into my apartment... It was amazing the creatures that I caught. This being said I totally enjoy watching the TV show called Verminators... it is all about a pest control company... I too think it is crazy to love watching something that gives me the creeps!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Favorite Smells

It has been said that "Kiera can smell to Mars" Sometimes I think it is true... I am hyper sensitive to different smells.
For the most part it is a ok super power but there have been time where my gag reflex has a hayday and goes wild... It is a bit embarrassing to gag and gag in front of whoever just because my nose is not so happy with the smell that has gone up it! So tonight I would like to share some of my favorite smells... Some of these smells will shock and amaze you... with my gag problem... I am amazed at some of them too...So in NO particular order....
Old Books
A fresh bathed Baby
Fresh washed sheets

Fresh Cut Grass
My Grandma B's house
Sunday Roast

I am lucky to be able to smell at least one of these smells every day!

.....LiFe WiLL gEt BeTTeR

NeRf MaNIa

I was tired of our usual dates... Dinner... Movie... Movie... Dinner... you get the idea. I guess I was looking for the feeling of dating when I was young and carefree... You know when your date is so poor we have to find free activities... Last night I had a great time on date night... After dinner we all headed out to the park for a game of capture the flag using nerf guns as our weapons... I must say Myka was the force to be recond with. I think all in all we can chalk this night up to "GOOD TIMES"
Girls vs. Boys

Rob felt it nessacary to "alter" his gun a bit. Lots of skull and crossbones... and war paint of course!
Ammon let me use his "machine gun" It ended up being easier to run and use the single gun...
The old "I'll take one of you and you take one of me trick"
Dont mess with the lady who carries a "Bouncing Baby Boy!"

It was fun playing with other couples but I had the most fun playing with my Marc-a-Roni... I love date night! Not only do I get a short break from motherhood but I get to spend time with the one I love!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


In May I planted 9 tomatoe plants....I wanted to can salsa this year. I think I planted 6 plants last year. Last year was not a good year for me because I hardly grew any... Needless to say I didnt can. This year however I have hit the mother load! Everyother day we are picking at least enough tomotoes for me to can one batch. Our plant are fat and loaded with the wonderful flavor of red tomatoes. Crazy as it may seem each time I walk down to the garden I am amazed to be part of this sweet miracle. It is a miracle that a small seed can grow into a huge plant and provide substance for my family to eat.

I guess I can have it all because out of our 6 green pepper plants I have not a pepper... Maybe I will figure our what I did wrong for next year... This year however I am grateful for the produce section at Walmart!