Friday, August 27, 2010

Finding Joy in My Journey

I suspect that we we find TRUE JOY in our Journey... whatever it may be... Our Father Rejoices.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


See this boy?


Eats before he has thanked the Lord in Prayer.


I'm a lucky Mom to have Isaac as my son. He is such an amazing example to me.


It seem that lately the topic of though has been funerals and the planning there of... I'm all for that... My parents have there's all planned... Right down to the marker being set it place.
It was a bit eerie paying my sister a visit a few weeks ago to find my parents picture on a bench next to her plot with my name etched as their child.
My parents were both standing next to me...
how many times will this be the case?

There is a sense of peace knowing where my mothers white laced gloves she would like placed on her hands are.
Although I love her hands...
she wants them covered.
So before I put them on
I plan to take a picture of them.

I've never put much thought into my own funeral...
Yes,I know that one day a funeral will be thrown
with me as the guest of honor.
But I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal.
I seem to live in the moment... enjoy the seconds I am breathing.

Even with Noah Boy throwing a MASSIVE tantrum in Target today due to a non working dinosaur toy I would not buy for him... all the while Zion screams right along knowing that she may miss out on any attention while I care for the boy.

Not once in all the drama
did my funeral come into my thoughts.

I don't have a lot of reflective time...
Maybe that's why I haven't thought to make plans
to ease the mourning process...

But when I do reflect I reflect on the living....
And sometimes...
My reflections lead me to direct conversations with my God.

I had a lot of direct moments today...
WE talked a lot about my cousin, Robin and her husband Don.

Don's a doctor... and amazing... and perfect for Robin.
Really he's lucky to have her.
well Robin is a ROCK STAR.
She told me that herself one time walking to our cars in a large parking lot.
I asked where she parked. She said
"Oh, I have ROCK STAR parking."

Not everyone gets that you know.

Like my sister, Sharmayn, Robin was born with Cystic Fibrosis.
You know what I have learned about CF?
God gives it to the ROCK STARS.

My mom called me this morning and said that Robbie is in the ICU getting a little ROCK STAR treatment...
Which has lead me to a lot of refection today.
A lot of direct conversations taking place.
A lot of family and friends are "reflecting" on Robin and Don's behalf.

With all this reflection MIRACLES are bound to happen...

Robin and Don... seriously the cutest couple I know!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Greater Education

Today, I learned that
EVEN Dinosaurs
have a {thing} for
Diet Coke.

Bet my kids wont learn this at school today.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good start to the day...

Each morning I am greeted by the most amazing 2 year old boy around... While I'm sure he is thrilled beyond belief to see his mother with a smile he quietly asks me.. "I watch Dinosaur Train." Some mornings I agree and snuggle in bed with him as we watch his favorite TV friends... Most mornings however my day has been started with a bang and I am on the move... On these mornings he enjoys breakfast at the table with the entertainment of his friends.Even Zion cashed in on some of the morning action today... As soon as Noah hopped off his chair she climbed right up and snacked off his plate...

Mollie didn't even require a plate!

For my Birdies...

Just the thought of my blog makes me feel uneasy these days...My palms start sweating.. My mind starts racing... I would imagine my heart starts beating so hard one may see the pounding on my chest.
We've been on 2 major vacations... finalized Zion's adoption... had an amazing sealing... laughed a lot... cried a bunch... you know... we've been busy... LIVING! I'm so behind on posting us living I feel as if I am drowning in memories... I have neglected documenting so many moment worth living... My blog isn't for you it is for my 5 sweet birdies that sing in my nest...
My dad recently sent me a study published in June this year by a couple of BYU researchers; it had to do with predicting when youth would participate in binge drinking. The study stated "teens who feel supported and loved and well as monitored by their parents were least likely to engage in heavy drinking."
I dare say our children are young and most likely would not be exposed to drinking any time soon... But recent events have learned that children are exposed much younger than I imagined... the sad reality is that PARENTS become a support of their habit.... The lesson I gleaned from this article it is good idea to provide both supervision and affection in your relationship with your child.
My hopes for my blog for my children to have a physical reference of the love I have for them... Each day I pray that they will feel this love from me... I also plead each day with the Lord to help me not screw them up due to my dumb mistakes!
Bear with me as I catch up on my love!