Friday, March 28, 2008

This week has been a VERY stressful week. I have been overwhelmed preparing for the Enrichment Activity that was last night. On top of that I had an Epstein Bar attack. So pulling myself out of bed to do anything was quite a chore. Needless to say my house has suffered for it. I was exhausted when I got home last night from the activity. I walked upstairs to kiss the kids goodnight... assured Jordie that her Fat Lip would be gone in the morning (which was not the case this a.m.) .... came down, and got ready for bed. Lights out....

Noah woke up around 3a.m. Since I was up I decide to watch the final episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Trace Atkins sang his new hit called "You're gonna miss this" There are certain memories of my life that I do miss... koolaid stands...walking up to 7-11 to spend the 25 cents I had earned... Sunday dinners with moms rose china and Swedish silverware.. giggling myself silly at those dinners with the whole family....getting my hair washed at Grandma B's... begrudgingly getting up early on a Saturday morning to help my dad do yard work....playing checkers with Grandpa....Driving my Black Jeep with the top off blaring Indigo Girls or October Project... Each of these things came in their own season. And I enjoyed them... Being a mom sometimes makes us forget that it is ok to let the house go.. OR for the laundry to get a bit backed up. Each "season" MUST be enjoyed... Let us not forget that our children need to have a chance to create special memories with us. Sometimes I need a gentle reminder that this season has sweet memories that must be enjoyed. Once again life has been put in perspective.

Enjoy my new favorite song... But more important enjoy your season!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are you kidding???? RAIN???

Whatever happened to Mother Nature showering us with the warmth of the BELOVED sun in March? I remember wearing capris and t-shirts this week last year... Not to metion my good ol' flip flops... Today I am mad at this weather... Doesn't she see that we are all trying to get out of our winter funk? I am ready for the sun... For afternoons at the pool... For the stink of my kids after they have been jumping and giggling on the tramp together... For the important rollie pollie habitats... For the churp of a cricket while I am trying to sleep. Come Mother Nature... I'M READY....BRING IT ON!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Isaac

We had a really fun Easter egg hunt last night! Isaac [OUR CANDY LOVER] really surprised me. Instead of frantically breaking open the eggs and devouring the luscious sugar he sorted them by color....
And made the most perfect heart!
What a precious reminder what Easter is really about! It is not about the bunny or the sugar. It is much more than that. It is about the amazing selfless act of Our Savior. What great love he must have for each one of us. Today, I am thankful for the ability I/We have been given to repent and LIVE again.

I feel my Saviors love
The love he freely gives me
His Spirit fills my soul
In everything I see
He KNOWS I will follow Him
Give all my life to Him
I feel my Saviors love
The Love He Freely Gives Me

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friday Nights at the RitterB's

I started this crazy rule about a year ago. IF the kids sleep in their own beds during the week on Friday night they can choose anywhere in the house to sleep (excluding our bed). Most Fridays they end up camped out on our bedroom floor. Last night however they each found the PERFECT spot. Unfortunately everyone found the same place. I mean really how comfortable were they really? Comfort or not... They earned the privilage to make the choice for themselves.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

We dyed our Easter Eggs tonight with the Veigel boys. This was a great year for Ammon. He really did a good job. He even wrote his name on one.. 2 M's and all. (for those of you who are confused about the M thing. Ammon feels that is is a lot faster if he just puts 1 M in his name... He is so "5")

Isaac is getting so tall. He must be in a huge growning spurt because right after we finished the eggs he ate 4 of them plus a banana! It is crazy the way he goes through shoes and pants!

Of course Jordies first egg said "I love Noah" She really is a little mama! I just love how she helps me out with all of my many duties! She is a ROCK STAR!


Noah's Friends

This is red and orange tree frog..

This is big nose tucan...

This is Silly old monkey...

Noah doesn't really like his swing...he would prefer to be held tight in our arms... He has however found that he has 3 little friend hanging over his head each time he is stuck in is aweful swing. I caught him cooing at them today. No matter how small we are it must be good to know you've got a friend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I haven't been into blogging much.
The first blog I ever read was my cousins'.
I thought it was cute.
Not for me though... It seems that every day I get an email from someone announcing their new "baby"... in other words "blogsite." I always feel a bit guilty when I log on to someones site,like I am sneaking a peek at their diary! Silly really! I found myself secretly enjoying the updates. It was fun seeing what they were up to! Or learning all about the things they hated that day... Look at me now... a closet blogging convert! I can't believe myself. Falling into this trap of modern comunication... I mean what ever happened to the good old phone?
Now that my plate is fuller then it has ever been, here I am sitting here starting someing new. It's all a bit exciting ... I hope you can enjoy sneaking a peek at my diary now and then. I know I enjoy peeking at yours!