Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear Grandpa Ike,
We think it is time you come home from Africa! We miss you!
Your Baby Goats!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I don't have many vices.
I don't smoke. I don't drink...
I am NO tattoo junkie...
I do however, Love Diet Coke...
From the sound of the can snapping open to the tiny bubbles burning my throat as I take the first swallow. I love the taste and smell. The dark brown color with pretty clear ice cubes floating in a tall glass full.
I heart the stuff!
My mom and I went to Sonic a couple days ago and I found myself wanting to order my usual route 44 DOUBLE the caffeine. All I could think about today at church was the luscious stuff. I figured that I would not set the best example to others around me as I slurped down my caffeinated beverage.
You see... Pinkie has us all walking in a zombie like state. The honeymoon period is over and middle of the night feedings are not as full of wonder. Oh I love her I do... I was just hoping that 3 hour between feeding periods would be here by now.
To learn more about Diet Coke click

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dear Pretty Girl Peck...
This post is for you...
While Marc-a-Roni and I were in Texas we ate at many many restaurants... Our favorite was "The Blue Goose Cantina"
We ate there twice.
It was yummy...

Sorry we missed your Special Day with Chris!
Love you tons and think of you often!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not in a Sharing Mood.

I guess I have not been in a Sharing mood when it comes to our
baby girl Zion.
Have you ever rode on Space Mountain?
You know, the fast moving roller coaster in the DARK. The one that has dips and drops. Unexpected curves and curls. Then before you know it you are back where you once began. With a giggle or two to boot.
Today I will officially blog we are home.
We meaning... My Marc-a-Roni,
Our amazing dream girl, and I are home.
Together. Home...
We rode an emotion ride like no other we had ever imagined. Our journey with Zion's birth mom and dad has been amazing. One on true love and trust. Full of humility and gratitude. Together with our eye on the prize. 4 parents wanting the very best for one girl.
I think we have come to a nice place. A place where Zion will know of the love they have for her. A place where Zion will know how blessed she is. A place where healing can take place for her birth parents.
I have had many requests for more pictures please. Sometimes sharing is hard even when you are 36... But I KNOW she is mine...
and that sharing is Nice.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zionsville, Indiana

I grew up in Zionsville, Indiana
where after the nightly news you would hear...
"It's 11 o'clock.
Do you know where
your children are?"
I may not know what my Jordie, Isaac, Ammon, and Noah
are doing right now...
I have high hopes they are nestled snug in there beds.
But, I doubt it...
Gramma and Grampa are there with a couple surprise cousins thrown in the toss.
I do however know what
Little Miss Glitter Pants Zion
is doing...
It is what she does every night at 11pm...
That's right... WIDE AWAKE!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

Grandma Gloria says
"the sign of a healthy baby is when they sleep with their arms up"
This maybe true.
I don't know.
I DO know that THIS is Zion's favorite place to slumber.
Right next to her Daddy.

Daddy says...

"It's not so bad having another girl around the house to spoil!"

What do you do when you are waiting for your ICPC?

We head to Houston to our BFF's house!
The Craners Rock!
They let us come and hang with them all weekend.
We had fun with the kids...
but when the kids were safe in their beds for the night we were ROCKIN' out with Rock Band.
We sure miss you guys! We were so glad we could come spend the weekend with you!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My hearts desire.
In just a few short hours our sweet baby girl will be one week old.
I am humbled to the core to see the love our Heavenly Father has for Marc and I. Is it true that I will be given my hearts desire to be a mother of another girl? Oh I love my boys... I do.
But it is special to have a girl. And to think... HE has given me two.
This week has been filled with more emotion and stress then I have ever Marc and I have found a deep love and admiration
for Zion's birth mother and father.
We have mourned with those that mourned this week.
I worry that maybe my prayers have become redundant. They are constantly consuming my thoughts. I want so much to have Zion's birth parents hearts to be healed. I want so much for their burdens to become light. I want so much for them to find comfort in KNOWING that their choice was right. May Our Loving God give them this tender mercy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear Jordie, Isaac, Ammon and Noah...

I hear you are all having a fun time at Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Boyd's house. I hear Noah has a new couch potato partner with Uncle Boyd. I hear Lola thinks she has a new playmate.

We miss you... We hope to come home with your sister soon.

Mom, Dad and Zion

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen....
The time has come to introduce
Little Miss Glitter Pants Pinkie....

Zion Rose
Born on July 5, 2009 at 1:19am
She weighed 6.6lbs and was 19 inches long.
Is she not the most beautiful thing ever!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Some things I Know for sure..
Sweet Pinkie is Oh So BEaUtiFuL.
Marc-a Roni and I Heart her more then words.
Heavenly Father loves us. He has been here with us today.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

1 am July 5th...

The phone just rang... It's Birfday time!

She's a Grand Ol' Flag

This years 4th has been over shadowed a bit with our full anxiety awaiting our "Pinkie's" arrival. We have NO decorations displayed. Seems a bit usual. Marc-a-Roni thinks today will be the {perfect} day for her arrival! Like a firework!
Speaking of fireworks! We bought some earlier this week at Big Toms in Smithville. Big Tom Rocks... his cute sidekick daughter, Tristin, knows just what the young boys want to see. If the boys threw in junk she replaced it with a bundle of fun. We blew all the fireworks on Thursday... guess a trip to Big Toms in order this morning... I don't mind. I love watching the boys browse the explosives... as for our Jordie girl she couldn't care less... she is there to swap stories.
Looks like our day is filled with lots of fun and adventure. We have 2 parties to attend and enjoy.
But just in case... Marc-a-Roni have our suitcase packed.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get your Fortune!

Not much in the way of food in the fridge since Pinkie will arrive at ANY MOMENT! So Chinese was the choice tonight...

There were 6 fortune cookies in the bag. One for each of us. But the kids were out back playing so nicely. Marc-a-Roni and I each ate 3. Each fortune read we hoped for a sign of a water break! Here is how it all went down.

Kiera #1 You will make a change for the better within the year.

Marc-a-Roni #1 Listen these next few days to you friends to get answers you seek.

Kiera #2 You would do well in the field of computer technology.

Marc-a-Roni #2 Now is the time to call loved ones at a distance. Share your news.

Kiera #3 Speak less of your plans - you will get more of them done.

Marc-a-Roni #3 Someone in your life needs a letter from you.

So I guess... I will be going back to school learning computer technology but I won't be telling any of you about it because I will get more done that way...

As for Marc-a-Roni... Sounds like one of his friends are going to solve some problem in the next couple of days for him... oh and I guess he is going to talk to his family this week. Wonder who needs a letter...

Oh well... no water breakage... Maybe... I should call the physic network...


If you wonder what we say when a well wishing friend asks about "Pinkie" we say...
"Any Moment" ...
If you wonder about "Pinkie's" birth mama.
She is dilated at a 5. She is still on bed rest.
With "Pinkie" growing nice and plump inside.
If you wonder if we pray that "Pinkie's" birth mama's water will break.
The answer is nope... Marc-a-Roni says that's not so nice...
So instead he asks we Pray for a healthy "Pinkie."
And a well birth mama.
Just thought I would put it out there in case you were wondering...