Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Red Haired Beauty

I just love my nieces and nephews!!! Besides the fact that Madi (my youngest niece) is one funny girl she has the most BEAUTIFUL hair. It is amazingly red with the most perfect curls! I know of women who would feel so bless to have this head of hair! Me being one of them! At this point in Madi's young life she is not so appreciative... But one day she will look back and be grateful for the beautiful hair God gave her... I'm sure it will be the day I win the contest with her dad of who will loose all of their hair first!
We are having so much fun this week with them.. She and Jordie are truly two pees in a pod! It is fun to hear them giggle all hours of the night... Well I guess I dont really hear them but Grandma and Grandpa sure do! They have had such a fun time caring for Noah.. As Grandma would say..."He truly is our Human Toy!"
One very special thing about our dear Madi is that she looks just like her Aunt Sharmayn... my sweet sister who lives with Heavenly Father. I am ever so grateful for this tender reminder that she is still so near. I think that My Heavenly Father knew that one day I would need a physical reminder of Sharmayn's Beauty. How grateful I am that it came in the most perfect form of my darling niece Madi!
Here's to you my Red Hair Beauty!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
So I found this challange on a site I was taking a sneek peek at earlier this week. I decided that I am up for the challange! Here are the rules... Take a before picture of a place in your home that needs to be "Tackled..." Tackle it and then take the after pictures...
Here is my first post

His side... Before... Note the Hot Curlers... And Pads... My husband ROCKs letting al my junk bleed over to his side of the sink!
His Side... After
Her side... Before
Her side... After

Top Drawer Before
Top Drawer After
Middle Drawer Before
And After

The bottom drawer didnt need to be touched much... So you just get an after shot

If you have really scrolled down and looked at all these pictures...CONGRATULATIONS... you have just seen the REAL RitterB's. A side I dont share freely with the world. I want my house to look lived in but NOT messy! Since Noah has entered the family this has been quite the hard task to accomplish. Therefore... Tackle it Tuesday works for me. I will only allow one hour to accomplish a task.. If it is not finished by then I will have to leave it for the next day! It is summer and I plan on having fun everyday!

My FAVORITE 7 year old

This past Sunday my little Isaac turned 7! I can not believe just how amazing this boy is! Just when I think I could not love him more he does something that makes that love grow!
Here are a few things I love about Isaac

  • He has the most tender heart. He makes it a point to befriend the underdog... even if it is not cool
  • He loves to play with his little brother
  • He puts up playing endless school with Jordie...
  • He just cant let Noah cry... He stops whatever he is doing no matter how much fun it is in order to tend to his baby brother
  • He will not take a bit of his food without asking Heavenly Father to bless it.
  • He still thinks it is cool for me to visit school for lunch or just because
  • He loves his cousin Stevie... They have had endless fun together since he has come for a visit
  • He still does naughty things discised as a lot of FUN!
  • He is a good reader
  • He tries to do his best at everything
  • He is a GREAT soccer player
  • He wants to be an IMAGINEER with Ammon and let us ride the rollercoaster they invent first! (I am not sure I want to be the very first rider though) (But a free pass to Disney!?!?! I am lovin that!)

My list really can go on a on!

I am so excited to throw his birthday bash on Thursday! There is food, water, science and fun planned! I will be sure to give you all a little peek in on the fun!

So this is why I DONT read

Ok... So my niece and her friends starting reading this a year or so ago...maybe even longer...I don't know I didn't pay much attention. Then my mom read the series... Whatever my mom reads a ton of books... I don't even try to keep up. And then there is my girlfriend, Catherine, who was when starting the first should we say addicted to them... Having to read them so much in fact that her home and sweet, adorable, amazing children had to suffer until she had finished the series... Which leads me to say that her friend whom shall go unnamed... came to her aid in feeding the addiction by lending her the books, watching her children and maybe wiping down a counter or two of her home in order for her to finish these books... In fact she listed a site on her post that amazed me... is a site for addicted moms.. I mean really... it is just a book! http://twilightmoms.com/
So I guess now is time for my confession should we say. When my mom was out here 2 weeks ago she had picked up this book for me at the airport. I said thanks and put it on my nightstand for me to read NEVER! I guess addictions need to start somewhere. RIGHT?!?!? Mine started 2 nights ago. I was tired but not so tired to fall asleep. The usual pile of magazines were not on my table... but THAT BOOK was... I cracked it open and started to read. By the end of the first chapter I was pretty intrigued... But I WAS NOT going to commit to it! Like any addiction there are times when the addiction take total power! That is was happened last night. I was tired when I got in bed but I thought "I'll just read a chapter..." 2 hours later I was still reading. My eyes were dry and tired but I kept on... Finally my body took control of the addiction and I fell fast asleep dreaming of vampires... Noah woke at his usually 6:45am. After feeding him I just had to get back to THAT BOOK... Here I am knowing that I have chores and kids yet ALL I want to do is read THAT BOOK. Yet, I am wasting precious reading time blogging.... The girls are happily playing with Noah and the boys are on the wii... I am going to sneak up to my room and try to read a chapter...
Note to Catherine: Please don't be angry that I have ratted you out to all my "PEEPS" I too am addicted to this book.... Let's hope that me sharing my story will bring others to the knowledge of their own addiction of reading...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cool inventions...

Look at this little guy! I mean how much cuter can he be? I dont know who invented the BUMBO but is it not the coolest invention? Noah seems to enjoy his time in it. The other night he watched us as we cleaned up the garage. There he was on the lawn watching us clean and the kids ride their bikes back and forth. He was very entertained.. What an amazing little guy! We could not be more blessed!

Is he ours?

I think that when we are in a certain place in our lives we tend to gravitate towards different reality t.v. programs that have that same content. For example... every time I was pregnant I was addicted to TLC's Baby Story. About a year ago I found a show called Adoption Stories. It has a season pass on our Tivo. Monday morning I was feeding Noah watching this show. It was about a family that had adopted a infant boy. They were thrilled! Of course they bonded with this baby. For all intents and purposes he was theirs. 3 months after placement the birth father came into the picture and they had to return their son back to his biological father. This was simply devastating...
SO here we are.... Noah is ours. We have bonded.. I love him deeper then I think I have ever loved before. There is a spiritual connection between us that I don't feel I have with the children I carried within me. Please don't get me wrong, I love Jordie, Isaac and Ammon with as much passion as I do Noah it is just different. For 3 days I have walked in fear that Noah's birth father is going to somehow crawl out of the place he has been for the past 12 months and desire to father our baby boy. What's the probability of this happening? Slim to none. But none the less it could happen ... we have signed a contract to return this sweet boy if indeed this happens.
It was the chance we were willing to take...
But today... He is Ours...

Call Out

We are planning a fun filled afternoon for Isaac's 7th birthday. The plan is a water relay/fight, sidewalk chalk, dinner and ending with a science experiment show hosted by non-other Mr. Marc-a-Roni ... We have water games galore! Imagination will be brought for the chalk and Papa Johns is the best dinner in town for a group of 7 year olds... However I am short on science experiments. I am so open for ideas... any ideas your willing to part with? I am hoping not to have to spend hours on the internet....

Two Words....


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Every spring for the past 8 years in Missouri I have had terrible allergies... I sneeze about 50 times a day, my eyes and ears itch and my nose is so stuffy I can't breath... My head feels like it is in a fog... It pretty much stinks to have to function... That being said. I am ever so grateful for this tiny little white pill that when swallowed relieves me of those nasty symptoms! Hip Hip Hooray for Science!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mystery Plant SOLVED!!!

I want to thank all My "Peeps" for participating in one of the biggest mysteries to hit the RitterB's Household. After much investigation Mr. Marc-a-Roni has solved where this amazing plant... See pictures below to see what this little plant would be if given the chance to grow!

Yes that is correct... Our sweet Ammon has pulled off the thingamajig on my peace lily! Ammon was quoted to say "Oh Yea, I pulled that off a long time ago and stuck it in my cup of dirt!"

And that my Dear Friends is the REST of the Story!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad... Need I Say More?

Don't send a lame Birthday eCard.
Try JibJab Sendables!


Ammon presented me with this cup of dirt on May Day... Normally, I would have said... "AWESOME, WE WILL HAVE TO PUT THIS IN THE WINDOW AND WATER IT!" But not follow through with it... sadly having to toss it in the trash... This time however Grandma Gloria was in town! And the seeds have grown... AWESOME HUH????

So here is where the delima come in place... what in the heck is growing in this cup?????? It is about the diameter of a pencil... with a bunch of bumps on it.... I have no idea what this is... It is pretty darn cool though....So I am hoping this post will help me solve my little delima of not knowing what this is... Can someone help me?


I have added a new blog to my "sites to see" list. My friend Cheryl's sister-in-law, Kristen, is one of the most talented photographers I have ever seen. I want you to take a moment and look at her blog. The details in the pictures are AMAZING! I love the angles she takes. I WANT HER TO PHOTOGRAPH MY FAMILY. Who else is up for this. I talked to Cheryl and Kristen is willing to come to Missouri for a few days and take family pictures... Is any one interested in joining up with this? We are thinking sometime this fall....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A New Perspective

A close friend had this video clip on here blog today. As I watched it my morning full of drama replayed in my mind. You know the kind of morning where instead of the kids thinking "Oh we are running late! I better hurry and get dressed, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, make sure my backpack is ready" They each find something much more interesting to do.. Play School, Lay on the couch with your head dangling towards the floor humming the same note over and over, Practice for the 78th time tying your shoes. I admit I lost it a bit. I started barking orders in the not so nice mom way. Basically, I felt just what this video is titled {INVISIBLE WOMAN} Watch the video and you will see how a someones perspective can change and soften my heart to a morning off my carefully planned schedule...

I am so grateful to be a mother to Jordan, Isaac, Ammon and Noah. They are everything I hope being a mother was about. Today, I learned a lesson in mothering. I along with my sweet husband, Marc, are building a cathedral.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hamgamber & WalleRmellon

So for Mother's Day Dinner I wanted to have grilled burgers... Of course the kids wanted their favorites too... Jordie's favorite Salad, Isaac's pretzel Salad and Ammon wanted WalleRmellon.
So that's just what we did... Boy was it all yummy in the tummy!
I am so glad we had these favorites for my special day... for this reason alone...
Next year Ammon will call a Hamburger a Hamburger and not a Hamgamber. And his darling WalleRmellon will be replaced with Watermelon. Marc and I will not be the ones to correct his pronunciation but his Kindergarten friends and teachers will. Next Fall his childlike innocence will be lost. I hate watching this happen. But it does. He is so excited to move on to the next chapter in his life. After dropping Jordie and Isaac of to school the other day Ammon said to me I can't wait until I get to get out of the car with them for school. He can't wait to be big like them!
I just wish things would slow down a bit. If I could keep them small for longer I would... Maybe if I ever catch a lepricon I will use one of my wishes for just that!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Up for Fun Facts?

I Belong To The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints! I KNOW Who I Am! I KNOW Gods Plan!..... I received this article from a friend today. I am so thankful to be a member of this AMAZING Church!

It didnt copy over very good but if you muck through it you may find some fun facts!

L.D.S Facts from Ford Motor Company
An interesting article written by Ford Motor Company for their employees. It was written in February. From the 'Ford Interfaith' group as a message about the Church. The Ford Interfaith group promotes unity by sharing information from all faiths and features these types of articles about all religions and faiths from time to time.
About The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsFleeing continued mob attacks, 158 years ago today the first Mormon pioneers desperately started their Westward trek from Illinois in the dead of winter. Of the 70,000 who began this 1300-mile journey, 6,000 were buried along the way, including many children. The following are quick facts and interesting tidbits about this now flourishing church.
Named "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"; informal nicknames are "LDS" or "Mormon."* Believes it's the Lord's restoration of original Christianity as foretold to occur before Christ's Second Coming.* Core focus is that Christ and His teachings bring happiness in this life and exaltation in the next.HISTORY* In 1820 14-yr-old Joseph Smith told of a vision of God and Christ foretelling a church restoration.* Organized in New York in 1830, the church moved to near Cleveland , then near Kansas City , then Illinois .* Fleeing Illinois , Mormon pioneers founded Salt Lake City in Utah and over 600 other Western communities.
Temple Square in Salt Lake has over 5 million annual visitors, more than the Grand Canyon .* The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is the world's most famous and has the world's oldest radio program.* The Salt Lake Temple is the most famous, but there are 128 other temples built or underway.* Home of the world's largest genealogy database; visit it online or through 3,700 free branch libraries.
Sunday services entail a three-hour block of three meetings; about 27,000 congregations exist worldwide.* Highly vibrant programs exist for youth, children, singles, men, and women; very strong family focus.* Everyone has a calling; some surveys show LDS have the highest U.S. attendance and service rates.* Families receive personal fellowship visits at home from other members on a monthly basis.
Members tithe 10 percent, plus donate generously to the needy the first Sunday of each month.* Clergy and all other congregational positions are unpaid (however, much of the janitorial is paid).* The church has no debt; all buildings are paid for in cash (average of two new congregations a day).* The paid positions in Salt Lake are famously low-salaried; funds are frugally used and tightly audited.
With a health code from 1833, LDS avoid alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, coffee, and tea (herbal tea is ok).* This 1833 code also teaches grains (especially wheat), fresh fruits and vegetables, and sparing use of meat.* A UCLA study showed that active LDS live longer than most Americans, men by 11 years, women by 8.* Utah is 50th in smoking, alcohol consumption, drunk driving, heart disease, cancer, and sick days.
With four colleges, Utah 's BYU with 30,000 students is the largest single-campus private college.* BYU Independent Study with 130,000 students is North America (340 web courses, 530 via mail).* Seminary, a daily class usually held around 6:00 A.M., serves 376,000 high school students.* There are Institutes of Religion at 1,950 colleges worldwide that serve 367,000 college students.* The church operates schools in parts of the Pacific Ocean and Mexico for 10,000 students.* Utah is 50th in spending per pupil, but first in adults that graduated from high school and attended college.
In 1842 the "Relief Society" was organized; it's the largest women's organization in the world.* Wyoming was first to allow women to vote; Utah was second, two months later, in 1870.* Women preach from the pulpit and serve as organization presidents, teachers, committee chairs, etc.
61,000 missionaries serve in 165 countries; 93 percent are college-age; 22 percent are female.* Unpaid and paying their own way, most work 65 hours a week for two years, often in a new language.
LDS are 70 percent of Utah , 30 percent of Idaho ; after Catholics, LDS are the largest sect in 10 states.* The church has 5.5 million members in the U.S. , making it the fourth largest individual U.S. denomination.* Some memberships: New Zealand 95k, Japan 115k, UK 175k, Philippines 500k, Brazil 900k, Mexico 925k.* Worldwide 51 percent are female; about 55 percent are not Caucasian; about 70 percent are converts.
For the last 15 years, every day an average of 800+ people worldwide joined the LDS church.* Half of the growth is in Latin America, but the rate of growth is highest in Africa and the former Soviet bloc.* Worldwide membership just passed 12 million, a tenfold increase in 50 years.* In 1984 a non-LDS professor estimated 265 million members by 2080; so far growth has been faster.* As this growth has been steady, he said it will be the "first 'new' major world religion since Islam."
Members in need obtain welfare from the LDS Church (thus Utah government welfare spending is very low).* LDS donate time at 220 welfare storehouses or canneries and about 400 farms (a FL ranch is 312k acres).* There are 210 employment centers placing over 175,000 people annually, and 64 family service centers.* The church operates 46 thrift stores, in part to provide employment for the disadvantaged.* The 61,000 missionaries spend half a day each week doing non-proselytizing community service.
Over 200 million pounds of food, clothing, and medicine were donated in the last 20 years in 147 countries.* Almost all of this help is to non-LDS; LDS charities also work with and donate to many non-LDS charities.* Very rapid disaster relief has been given in 144 major disasters since 1986.* Almost 3,000 welfare "missionaries" work without pay in 55 countries (farm instructors, doctors, teachers...).* LDS charities fund a wide variety of projects like drilling water wells or funding small business startup loans.* New in 2001, members in poor areas can get low-rate college loans; 10,000 loans have been made to date.
Utah is first in: charitable giving, scientists, household computers, children with two parents, and birth rate.* Noted LDS included five senators, the Osmonds, Gladys Knight, Steve Young, and the inventor of TV.* LDS played a key role in the 2002 Winter Olympics; the chair is now the governor of Massachusetts .* Hawaii 's #1 tourist site is the LDS Polynesian Cultural Center ( Tonga and the Samoas are one-third LDS).* LDS have sponsored Boy Scout troops since 1913; 23 percent of all Scout troops are LDS.* The BYU Women's Cross Country were national champions or in second place each of the last seven years.
The Detroit metro area has 30 congregations; the Dearborn chapel is on Rotunda by Ford's Building #5.* Detroit has a temple, storehouse, cannery, employment and family service office, and family history libraries.* LDS include former Governor Romney, three former Lions quarterbacks, and hundreds of Ford employees.