Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh what a tangled web we weave

A "Mormon" commercial ad aired on T.V. in sometime in the '80's. It was a catchy little ditty... Today I sing it to our kids when a lie is involved... I'm sure it is some sort of punishment for them...

Today I caught myself in a lie. It was innocent really. One may point blame on blogger! So this morning I had checked my dashboard. I noted I had 299 posts. I thought to myself..."300 should be special" I real doozy! So I did it.. I posted about my journal-ing habits. Gave a little peek into the inner me... Posted a RAW picture of myself. The real me. The me my husband and children see. Free from painted color.

Moments ago I found myself on my dashboard again... just to read...

"260 posts, last published on February 23, 2009."

I am NO math wiz but I do know one thing... 1 post after 260 does NOT equal 300.... So you have it... I have lied... I guess I have 38 more post to go to equal 300...


I've never been much of a journal writer. Each year in January I would resolve to document the next year. I always had regular entries for a few weeks. But I would soon get bored and stop all together. I wrote everyday of my mission. Never missed. When I came home I stopped all together. Maybe some of my issue was opening my doors and and allowing the inner disaster to show. For others to get a glance of my mess inside.

Noah roamed free as I was getting ready for the day yesterday. He has this new found freedom. He can take himself anywhere he wants. He found that if he pulls the shiny silver thingies the door opens and he can see and play with all the stuff inside. Most days he does his exploring in silences. Looking and observing. But yesterday was different. When the door opened he let out a yelp with delight! For the next 15 minutes he pulled out each item and looked it over. Tasted a few. Some were more special then the others.

I was resistant at first. I didn't want the mess. The bathroom was clean . Why in the world would I want him to pull everything out allowing the "dirty laundry" to show?

Keep it contained I thought to myself.

I was in a hurry to get to John's funeral so I just left the mess... exposed. It was still there when I got home... out in the open for any visitor of my bathroom to see. I took a picture. I had thoughts to show you all what a busy boy we have... then I saw the deeper meaning.

I realized that I have stuck with this blog for a full year! Sure I have had a couple of dry spells but nothing to cry about. For a full year I have pulled on that shiny thingy and showed what was behind the door. Some posts are nice and organized but there are a few that are full of mess. I love my blog. For the first time I love showing what's inside...


posts and counting

Monday, February 23, 2009


As you drive down Independence Avenue you will come upon a grouping of trees. The sky is spotted with black objects in flight. Upon further inspection and confirmation from the Expert called "Ike" its BATS ....I mean BATS! There are millions of them! It is so eerie to see so many of them hanging from trees. Trees in the middle of the town! Talk about CREEPY!


Here is a small sampling of the Creepy things I saw in Ghana....

These Lizards were all over the place...

Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Rolly Polly Fish Heads....
This was our lunch one day. I may have been pushed over the edge that afternoon.

Saving Lives one Baby at a Time

I feel very lucky to have been part of the "NRT" (Neo Natal Resuscitation Training) group training Sunyani and Kamasi region . My parent have been telling me about these trainings for the past few years but until you are there you can not imagine the joy. I had gone in place of my mother to be an assistant to my dad this trip. Many times I was speechless as I watched the training. Hundreds of babies will be saved with this simple skill. Hundreds of Midwives received empowerment during this training. Hundreds of Mothers will weep with joy as they hold their sleeping newborn child.
I am so grateful to have been part of this program directed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our Heavenly Father has a plan for us. Today part of this plan was to help midwives in Ghana know how to save the lives of his new born children.

Me, Cathyrn, and Mary. Guess Cathyrn didn't get the {Pink Shirt} memo!
My dad was constantly entering registrations, test results, making certificates, ect. I almost always knew where to find him!

Here is a group assembling individual packets for each midwife. We also assembled large training packets for each district.

There were times I was stumped at the difficutly others had in following instruction! As long as it got done I guess it is fine!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miss Lovely Lee

The first time I met Lovely Lee was at the "NRT" training. Lovely was a midwife. She was excited for the time she had before her to learn how to properly resuscitate and save newborn babies from unnecessary death. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw her name. I remember thinking to myself. What a lovely name.
Marc-a-Roni and I have received a bit of squawking from others when we tell them the name we plan to name our next daughter. I agree it is a bit out of the box... but I like it. I feel it suits the baby girl who haunts our dreams. As an informal announcement we will name our dream girl Miracle Rose.
A few years ago my parents gave each of our children their African names. At the time we were waiting for our "China Doll" she was given the name "MIRACLE." Rose is the name my foster parents called me for the 3weeks they cared for me. After Noah was placed in our arms we felt a strong need to close the door to our "China Doll"." But the name Miracle has stuck in our mind. So we wait for our Miracle Rose.
When I met Lovely I thought that maybe we should consider the name Lovely. I watch Lovely through out the day. I could not wait to tell Marc-a-Roni about this name.
I greeted Lovely Lee the next morning with a smile and a hug. I explained to her how much I liked her name. And that I felt it was so beautiful I wanted to talk to my husband about naming our next daughter after her.
Lovely Lee shyly smiled. Then she told me the following story: She said her name was really Elizabeth but that there were so many Elizabeth's at the training. She thought that if she changed her name to Lovely Lee she would not be confused among the other Elizabeth's.
I guess it worked! Nothing like a good trick!
FYI!!! We are sticking with the name Miracle Rose

Thursday, February 19, 2009


There are a few pictures I keep coming back to. This is one of them. There are times she consumes my mind. I showed my dad. Like me, his comment was "There is sadness in here eyes" Maybe we are wrong. I pray we are.
"Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work." Mother Teresa

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's in a name?

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the transportation system in Ghana for many good laughs. There is not a "Tro Tro" (this is a bus that is really a 15 passenger van that can fit at least 20) or a taxi that is not named. I wish I would have thought to take more pictures. The names are random and at times comical!

Shop Here

This is the shop mom would like her to stop at for her. She is wanting some of the necklaces.
Will you please pick up some more bracelets for me? I paid 10 CD's for 8... I would like 16 more if you can. If not... no big deal!
I had a great time with you!
Love ya tons honey buns!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dream Big!

I have been asked "My Favorite Part" of this adventure. I am not sure if I can honestly answer that. Each day was my favorite. Each moment my heart was filled with emotions. But, maybe, this was my favorite day of all. Maybe my heart was touched most in this moment. Last year my husbands employer kindly donated funds to a NGO of our choice. We chose to have donations go to a NGO my dad has been working with. World Joy . World Joy built a school in the village of Abrenya. Abrenya is found in the Atiwa District, Eastern Region. A school being built in this village may be the biggest thing that has happened here in over 50 years.
After driving for almost 4 hours we came to a river. We crossed the man made bridge and hiked in the forest for almost a mile. I have NEVER seen such beauty as I saw on this hike.

Everything is so green and fresh.

The palms were huge and full of nuts.

The trees are allowed to grow to enormous heights.

We were all greeted with welcomes as we passed a families compound. The homes were made of wood and mud.

This is the site I saw as we entered into the school compound. I found myself spinning with emotion. My husbands employer had the opportunity to name the school. He chose the name "August House" The name August is after his grandfather. As we approached the edge of the forest I saw the teachers quarters... The name "August House" had been painted on the side for all to see.
I was humbled as we were greeted by the children that now have the chance to be whatever they want to be.

Here is a picture of the school. Is has 2 class rooms and a food preparation room.

Many people came to share in the joy.

Men and Women wore their very best!

Each child was gifted a back pack filled with school supplies and their school uniform.

The women danced with joy. Here are 5 of the 30 women that "helped" me dress as I was appointed a Queen Mother
As a representative for my husbands employer I was asked to cut the ribbon.
We all cheered with joy knowing the blessings this village would receive in the form of education.

JoAnn was asked to cut the ribbon for the teachers quarters. JoAnn is a professor of nursing at BYU.
JoAnn's friends and family provided a small library for the August House.
My father and I were honored by being appointed by the tribes as a Chief and Queen Mother. This is a custom that is not looked lightly upon. I was humbled.
We were dressed in Kente cloth and sat on our own Chief and Queen Mother Chair. I am sitting next to Steven Abu. He works as a Project Coordinator for World Joy.
Does anyone else notice my dad was allowed to keep HIS shirt on here? Let's just say Brother Abu helped him dress.... I had 30 women help me! If that doesn't give you enough of a visual to laugh out loud give me a call and I will paint you a more detailed scene!

Here are 2 of the tribal Chiefs. The man in the darker green was so kind to us. He could see we were hot. My dad was sweating to death. I don't sweat... I just turn bright red. He was worried about us. He was yelling at everyone near us to back away so we could get air. Nice to know he didn't want us to pass out right there in the village.

This baby boy could hardly walk... but boy could he dance! How I wish I were born with the dancing gene.
What a beautiful site to see the children that would be attending this great school. And this is just the first generation!
This little girl became my friend. She never said a word to me but was always at my side. I found her captivating.