Saturday, August 9, 2008

Favorite Smells

It has been said that "Kiera can smell to Mars" Sometimes I think it is true... I am hyper sensitive to different smells.
For the most part it is a ok super power but there have been time where my gag reflex has a hayday and goes wild... It is a bit embarrassing to gag and gag in front of whoever just because my nose is not so happy with the smell that has gone up it! So tonight I would like to share some of my favorite smells... Some of these smells will shock and amaze you... with my gag problem... I am amazed at some of them too...So in NO particular order....
Old Books
A fresh bathed Baby
Fresh washed sheets

Fresh Cut Grass
My Grandma B's house
Sunday Roast

I am lucky to be able to smell at least one of these smells every day!


McAtee Family said...

Sophie is sitting on my lap and when I scrolled down to this picture she started yelling out "My Noah. My Noah, My Noah" and trying to touch the screen. Perhaps we have a second marriage all worked out???

Heather said...

Skunk!?! And I thought I was a weirdo :) I, too, have a bionic nose. I'll walk in the house and say, "Chris! What is that!?!" He always thinks that I'm crazy, but I usually can pinpoint the offensive odor within minutes. Outside of skunk, I'll second all of your others.

Rob Jessi and Ryan said...

Man oh man, Jessi has that same nose, and when she was pregnant look out.

I love giving my love chunk his bath. Such a fun time and they smell so good after they get out all lotioned up.

KC Kanenwishers said...

and I'm lucky I got to smell the baby today too...unless you count the poopy diaper time..

Anonymous said...

I tagged you on my blog. You get to share 6 quirks on your blog if you want!

Melanie said...

Bionic nose is a perfect term!!! One of my favs is (strange I know), tucks...When I had my oldest I tore (sorry), and that is what they had me use. Every-time I open one of those containers (thanks to the kids..ugh), it brings back such a happy time...

Sunday Roast is the whole family agrees. By the way I want to reach right in a gooshie that Noah...what a doll..Mel

RitterB's said...

Ok Mel... Did you really just say TUCKS? Like I have said to your sister before... wrong on so many levels!

Holly said...

This picture is awesome! I love that kid and I don't even know him!!