Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I haven't been into blogging much.
The first blog I ever read was my cousins'.
I thought it was cute.
Not for me though... It seems that every day I get an email from someone announcing their new "baby"... in other words "blogsite." I always feel a bit guilty when I log on to someones site,like I am sneaking a peek at their diary! Silly really! I found myself secretly enjoying the updates. It was fun seeing what they were up to! Or learning all about the things they hated that day... Look at me now... a closet blogging convert! I can't believe myself. Falling into this trap of modern comunication... I mean what ever happened to the good old phone?
Now that my plate is fuller then it has ever been, here I am sitting here starting someing new. It's all a bit exciting ... I hope you can enjoy sneaking a peek at my diary now and then. I know I enjoy peeking at yours!


Amber said...

Hey! Welcome to the blog world!

Breona said...

That's right KIER BEAR...youre finally going Big huh? well, I will definately enjoy "sneaking" a peak at your new diary. hah. I'll also add you to my site list so all my homies around the world can see your world..You can make it private, if you so wish. then only the people that you invite can find and look at your page?. anyways, good to see you guys. Love ya Bre

Drowns Family said...

hey Kiera! cute page!! I'm glad you got a blog too so we can be better connected. The truth is, I never liked talking on the phone much and now that I do it for 8 hours a day at work I darn right loath it! This is much better.
Love ya,