Thursday, March 20, 2008

We dyed our Easter Eggs tonight with the Veigel boys. This was a great year for Ammon. He really did a good job. He even wrote his name on one.. 2 M's and all. (for those of you who are confused about the M thing. Ammon feels that is is a lot faster if he just puts 1 M in his name... He is so "5")

Isaac is getting so tall. He must be in a huge growning spurt because right after we finished the eggs he ate 4 of them plus a banana! It is crazy the way he goes through shoes and pants!

Of course Jordies first egg said "I love Noah" She really is a little mama! I just love how she helps me out with all of my many duties! She is a ROCK STAR!


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Breona said...

Nice job ritter's. 6 that is a growing family. you guys are cute. Miss ya. Bre