Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Follow Me Boys...

Is it True?
Is our boy really old enough to set sail off to Cub Scout Day Camp? I found myself nervous last night checking and checking again that Isaac had all the necessary things on the list. Of course I tossed in a few things for good measure. Once he rode away... I remembered the hand sanitizer wipes I thought of in the middle of the night. It Day Camp I keep telling myself.... The place where they play in the dirt, explore unknown territory, learn to shoot bow and arrows! "Take a deep breath" I say... "Enjoy Watching him GROW..."

One things for sure. Ammon sure is going to miss his Partner in Crime this week. The two are inseparable!

It won't be the same taking your Guinea Pigs on a High Adventure with out your big brother!


Tiffany said...

Aren't the milestones our children reach bittersweet? By child #4 and #5 I am finally learning to appreciate IT ALL. I know I will blink and my newborn will be a Cub Scout! Thinking of you as you await "Pinkie."

Catherine said...

awww. He's getting older !!!

Love the guinea pigs!!! I can just hear the squeaking! :)

pan x 8 said...

The first year Drew went to Day camp, I volunteered because I couldn't miss out. What a fun fun program for our cubs!

Amy Ritterbusch said...

Let us know how it goes. Zach and Ethan are headed to Cub Scout Day Camp (for the first time) the week of July 6. They grow up fast. Zach wanted to do the Webelo Overnight Camp, but I wasn't ready for it this year.