Saturday, July 11, 2009

My hearts desire.
In just a few short hours our sweet baby girl will be one week old.
I am humbled to the core to see the love our Heavenly Father has for Marc and I. Is it true that I will be given my hearts desire to be a mother of another girl? Oh I love my boys... I do.
But it is special to have a girl. And to think... HE has given me two.
This week has been filled with more emotion and stress then I have ever Marc and I have found a deep love and admiration
for Zion's birth mother and father.
We have mourned with those that mourned this week.
I worry that maybe my prayers have become redundant. They are constantly consuming my thoughts. I want so much to have Zion's birth parents hearts to be healed. I want so much for their burdens to become light. I want so much for them to find comfort in KNOWING that their choice was right. May Our Loving God give them this tender mercy.


pan x 8 said...

I will add my prayers to yours. I'm so grateful for a Heavenly Father who really does love us!

Zion is absolutely precious!

KC Mom said...

I wonder if that is how our Father in Heaven feels about the entrusting of His spirits to their earthly parents. I'm so grateful for His wise, all knowing plan.

There IS something special about girls...we can relate to them better for even as Moms we are all still girls. ♥

Honest and sincere prayers are never redundant.

Nana said...

H/Father has answered their prayers BY blessing a family like you to placed ZION ROSE into your home and life.

Hunter Bug said...

I love you Kiera!!! And I can't wait for Zion to get here!!

The White House said...

Hey girl,
We think of you often, and pray all is well. When are you coming home? I am sure your kiddos are missing you, and cant wait to see the little stinker.