Saturday, July 4, 2009

She's a Grand Ol' Flag

This years 4th has been over shadowed a bit with our full anxiety awaiting our "Pinkie's" arrival. We have NO decorations displayed. Seems a bit usual. Marc-a-Roni thinks today will be the {perfect} day for her arrival! Like a firework!
Speaking of fireworks! We bought some earlier this week at Big Toms in Smithville. Big Tom Rocks... his cute sidekick daughter, Tristin, knows just what the young boys want to see. If the boys threw in junk she replaced it with a bundle of fun. We blew all the fireworks on Thursday... guess a trip to Big Toms in order this morning... I don't mind. I love watching the boys browse the explosives... as for our Jordie girl she couldn't care less... she is there to swap stories.
Looks like our day is filled with lots of fun and adventure. We have 2 parties to attend and enjoy.
But just in case... Marc-a-Roni have our suitcase packed.


Nana said...

4th of July would be a blast of a holiday to receive your little "Pinkie", sorry.

pan x 8 said...

There's no other way to celebrate the 4th than with explosives!

Kim said...

Jordie tell stories...No way! She is the best story teller. They are usually LONG stories too. I will miss them next year.