Sunday, November 1, 2009

El Día de los Muertos

Halloween Adventures started on the 26th of October this year when Hunter the Good Witch invited Jordie Pordie a young Witch in Training to an evening out on the town! Panara Bread was their destination! Hunter came earlier to practice her mad wicked make-up skills... Jordie was in dream land for sure!
On Wednesday we attended our annual church Trunk-OR-Treat... Our friends and neighbors joined us in the festivities... No matter how many tricks I asked for all the kids wanted were treats... go figure...
Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow along with Jordie the good witch and the Friendly Cowboy Mr. D waited for the Cute Diva Hannah Montana before gathering goodies.

Mr. D sure loves our babies... If I didn't know any better I would guess HE was their big brother!

What girl doesn't DREAM of wearing TOO much eye shadow and it being accepted in public?
Noah boy dresses as the Frog Prince to the church party... he really makes the cutest rib bit sound.

On Friday the kids attend Missy's annual Halloween party... Well, Not our sweet Isaac. Dumb ol' flu bug choose his body to party in this year... Booooooo Nonetheless... Missy's Boo Fest is THE party of the year folks... Marc-a-roni and I had been invited to attend a charity dinner and missed out this year. We have been given play by play of the spooky adventures from our Good Witch. Sounds like it was Frightfully FUN!
It was fun to have TinkerBell and two Clone Troopers for an evening of Trick-OR- Treating.
Elder Peterson and Elder Davis dressed up as Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They even worked their ties into the color scheme...
Our good buddy Scott dressed up as a husband missing his Soldier! We missed her too... Maybe Buzz misses her most... As for Tink.. well, you know how Tink is...
Mama RitterB could not pass up the moment to make her Noah boy's wildest dreams come true.
What Toy Story lovin' boy wouldn't want wings like Buzz?

When all is said and done Halloween is really ALL about the candy and about how your parents will let you eat as much of it as you want for that one night... After that it is rationed out for the next couple of weeks...

Oh... Just in case you were worried... NO I will not let Noah jump from the catwalk to see if he "CAN FLY"
Miss Zion was dressed as a PRETTY PINK FLOWER.
After all folks...She is my "Pinkie"
Since Isaac was banned to the outer regions...(the guest bedroom) for the evening we thought him dressing up as the "swine flu" would be most fitting!

El Día de los Muertos


Kelli said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday! Your kids looked adorable! Hope everyone is over the swine flu. Love ya.

Catherine said...

Booo on the swine flu. That stinks.

I love Noah's double sucker action.

Zion's costume was the cutest. But the others were pretty cool too --- Buzz and that Witch!!

Way to go RitterBs

Simple Sayings said...

Loved the Halloween Pics. I cannot believe how adorable your flower is and how totally awesome your Buzz is. Of course Jordie the good witch and the super cool nijia's rock too. I can't wait to see them all in person. We took the month of Oct off of our Disney chain.. it is kind of nice seeing 31 days disappear at once. How can we get 10 days to disappear at once off of the baby chain?

pan x 8 said...

Great Halloween and great costumes! It's so much so much work, oh I mean fun for just one night!! ;p