Monday, November 16, 2009

Teeth are NOT for Biting...

After trying to get his teeth looked at for a year now it was FINALLY Noah's turn to be the patient. He has hopped up in the chair with Jordie, Isaac and Ammon but today it was his turn to do it all on his own.
To be honest I was shocked at how well behaved he was. He was pleased to wear the special sunglass as well as watch a little T.V. while getting his teeth cleaned.

He was a bit nervous to see Dr. Berry in his scary mask... and held tight to his new friend.

Which do you find more scary...
Dr. Berry with his scary Mask?
A Fish with Dentures?

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Karlyn said...

It may seem strange, but my kidlets LOVE the dentist, they look forward to their visit every six months!! Piper even has crappy teeth...go figure.