Friday, February 26, 2010


Next month will mark the
year of being married to my dream boy.

Still feeling {flutters}

My Marc-a-Roni and I were watching some videos that have been made using Ingrid Michealson a couple of nights ago before drifting off to dreamland... Click on our photo to see which one is all about {Us}


Nana said...

Congrats....I can't even remember my 11yrs.:(

Mac said...

Congrats, time sure does fly by, Love the hat by the way.

mtritterbusch said...

I'm not going to get all mushy for the public to read, but I can say that it has been and continues to be good....real good!

Holly said...

Girl, I can't get over how dang cute that hat is! I love it!!!!

pan x 8 said...

Comgratulations 11 years is no small feat!! Love the pic!