Monday, April 14, 2008


I must be the luckiest Auntie in the whole wide world. This was a good weekend! I was able to take little Noah to Utah to meet his cousins... as well as his Great Grandma's and Great Aunts and Uncles...

I knew he would be smothered by Brooke, and Madi.. They had already warned me that they were going to hold him the whole time... However, I did not expect the interest and love that my 14 year old nephew, Taylor would show. It seemed like everytime I turned around TJ had him. I think that the bond was instint between the 2 of them.

Taylor and Ammon also have an unbreakable bond. Ammon loves him.. He wants to be like him.... Ammon had a hard time with his "T's" as a toddler. So instead of calling him TJ he said Chee-Jay. The name stuck!

There may be a time in little Noah's life they he needs the love an support of his family more than ever. TJ you have loved Noah from the very start... He will always know he can count on you to be his friend. I want to thank you Chee-Jay for your example to my boys. You are a great kid! As your big sister once said..."OH Tayor, I LOVE YOU!"


Drowns Family said...

okay, I know I should know this but Taylor must be shawn and carols kid because he looks like the boy version of carol!!! Handsom fella'!! Kiera, I'm glad you got to take the whole family home. Thats awesome!! I blogged a little something for you--don't get too excited-its not much. Its just enough to let you know im still alive! haha!

RitterB's said...

Yes TJ is Shawn and Carols oldest son. He is a champ!

Betsy said...

I remember when you had pictures of them in the mission field. They were babies.