Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I have a Tagger

All kids love to write their name... Right?

When they are really little they secretly sneek a pen or marker or crayon or whatever makes a mark and Tag anything that is theirs... For example. When we went to paint the walls in the boys room we found the word [ A or Ammon] in the craziest places... on the wall, under the bed, On the side of the window frame, On the bed frame itself.... you get the idea. All of our kids have gone through this phase... No they are not terrors... they are simply proud that they can write their name...
I thought we were past that phase... But NOOOOO

Here is what I found on the piano today! Today I thought dust was WONDERFUL!

I found [MOM] on the back of my car! Today I thought the dirt on my car was COOL!
I was telling Marc about this and he came back with how Isaac had writting POOP on the dirt of his truck.. Not so cool but Funny!

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