Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Memory Post

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1. As a comment on my blog leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.


mtritterbusch said...

I remember how beautifully you sang at my baptism (and it still brings tears of joy to me to think about it).

KC Kanenwishers said...

When I posted this on my blog, I felt so uncomfortable with people's responses. I felt like I was asking for praise or something and it even felt like my eulogy or something. So, now when I die, you can go to my blog and print off this stuff and read it...okay...that's your job!
I'll never forget coming to pick up Chloe from Activity Days and you approached me and were so open and friendly. I had left my car running outside and and hour later it was still running with the heat blasting and everything melting inside. But, within that hour you had made a "date" for the next day to hang out and go get cheese fries. That's you...always the missionary taking care of the new members and nonmembers. Then shortly when we'd start shopping together you always gave a pass out card or mentioned something to the check out clerk about the church. I couldn't believe how open you were about the unafraid to share it. Then...there's all the trips to find trash-n-treasure where we would get the best crap for nothing. Pretty much every day an adventure, I'd say. Then, when you lived in Kearney and I'd stop by every day after working out...remember when we waxed our we just laughed and laid on the bed and giggled like college, those were the days. We used to scrapbook in that tiny little corner of your basement but we got tons of pages done and always were on top of our albums...not happening anymore..huh. Remember how Bridger almost killed your cat and ended up scratched. Remember faux finishing the blue walls in the boys room. Remember the time you brought food to my house for my family when I had surgery and I was so sick I left the kitchen and went back to bed. Remember all the trinkets and things you've brought or had your mom bring home from your vacations and travels. Remember Ammon loving my lipstick and me sharing my diet coke with him...that's true love. When I think about it, you are more my sister then and that's how we are able to ride out every up and down because family just does that. I've had friends come and go and I've probably never been the best friend to anyone but you've always stuck around like a sister. Can't just walk away from family..can ya? Anyway, I could seriously take up your entire blog but wanted you to know that I love ya! Remember that.

Dennis & Cherise said...

There are so many things I could list. But I will always rember your kind heart. I always enjoyed they days I would come over to do laundry and talk to you about everything. Oh and how you introduced me to the yummy tuna melt =) Still one of my fav meals. I will always rember how your home always felt so warm with love and the sprit.

McAtee Family said...

OK - I have been holding off on doing this, but I think my hormones are finally in check and I can type without bawling like a baby.

I will never forget how excited I was when you called that first time to invite me to a playdate. We had only been in the ward for about a month and I was feeling so lonely. When you called, we talked forever and it was just what I needed - you made my whole week. I always tell myself that I need to be more like you and strike up a conversation with strangers.

I can't forget the many late night scrapbooking talks - I suddenly realized that I wasn't crazy - I was surrounded by someone just like me. Seriously, could we be any more alike? Sometimes it scares me a little.

You were the first person that I told I was pregnant with Sophie. You were the only person that I trusted to have as my emergency overnighter for Haley in case Sophie decided to be born in the middle of the night. You were there to make sure I was taken care of when I brought Sophie home and then again when I had to go back to the hospital 3 weeks later.

Even though you give me crud about it, I can't leave my babies with anyone other than grandma or you. I have ventured out a few times - you should be proud of me!

You were the first person that I told when I decided to be a surrogate. I can always count on you to give me your honest opinion, but then support me no matter what.

No one else has volunteered to take care of me in an emergency until my mommy can pick me up!

For the past four years, you have been a fantastic friend. I will always remember the amount of laughter we have had together - it has far outweighed the tears and sadness. What would I do without you!!!