Monday, April 20, 2009

Awe Shucks...

When I was in 1st grade my favorite shirt was red and had a screen print of a girl with a caption that read:

"I know I'm Somebody, Cuz God Don't Make No Junk!"
I loved this shirt. I bet I wore it every week... maybe more then once a week.

Our family home evening tonight consisted of {painting our room} not real churchy.. not really a family activity either.. but sometime the job just needs to get done right?

So here I am super duper TIRED... waiting for paint to dry. While waiting I take a small moment to blog stalk. To my surprise I find that I have been tributed! Thanks Mel! You have made me feel super special tonight! The moment I saw your post I remembered my special shirt!

Alright now fellow "blog Stalkers" take yourself over to Melanie's blog! She is fun and sassy...just what the doctor has ordered!


Natalie said...

My favorite notebook when I was a kid had that same quote on it! :)

I checked out the tribute to you. Made me teary. You definitely have a contagious laugh, and a huge heart ready and willing to love! :)

Congrats on your family's upcoming arrival!!!

Sam Ransom said...

Her description of you is so true!! I think that is why everyone wants to be your friend! You are just real!

I still thinking painting is a great FHE. It is doing service together as a family and working together definately helps strengthen bonds!

KC Mom said...

Hey wait a get a tribute from MY sister and not me?? Ha!! Off to check it out!!