Sunday, April 19, 2009

Girls Weekend

I have an aunt that has 5 girls. NO BOYS. They lived with us for 3 months when I was little. I am guessing it was 3 months of drama. We have drama here... and we only have 1 girl!

My aunt and 3 of her girls live only 5 hours from me. Marc-a-Roni drive through their town on the way to visit his family. I always want to stop for a visit but we never do. Time is always the issue.

I have lived here in Kansas City for 10 years. NOT once have we had a girls weekend.

A weekend full of giggles and cries.

A weekend to release our crafty ideas...

A weekend full of gossip and memories.


Until now.

It all started at shortly after midnight on Thursday.
Friday we sent the boys to school and Jordie let Jordie play "hookie!'

We ate lunch at Firehouse with Noah Boy...YUM

Let "Princess" Carson dress as she wished

Shopped until our legs could carry us NO more... We would have gone longer then that but Holly knew what was good for us and made us go home...

We rode a Pedicure roller coaster... It was lots of fun...
We read magazines and poked fun of celebrities.

I thought maybe I would be inspired if I wore Haley's "glasses" and Carson's glitter hat while doing crafts. I wasn't.
I think it was because we stayed up into the wee hours of the night

Holly and Ashley received {Make-Overs} compliments of Mama and Girl RitterB! Pretty huh!?!

For the record 3 of these were consumed this weekend

Thanks for coming girls. Thanks Marc-a-Roni for taking the kids for the evening!This new tradition will be remembered for many many moons!


Nana said...

Way to go, You deserve the girls weekend.

Marci said...

That was so much fun!!! Thanks so much for opening your home and heart to us this weekend. You rock!

Amber said...

Oh what fun!! And I love the Chocolate Bags...I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

Very fun! I love girl time!

Robin and Don said...

Wish I could have been there. It looks and sounded like tons of fun. A wet your pants kind of weekend!

Sam Ransom said...

Wow that looks awesome!! I'm especially loving the chocolate bags- those are a true girl's night must have!

Holly said...

I am loving these pictures!!! Thanks for the weekend, it was A Mazing.....may many more to come!