Monday, May 25, 2009


Where has my time gone? Just moments ago you were my baby boy...My tiny beach sandy blonde headed boy. You were born by c-section. Two days before you were born I mowed the grass and hand washed the car. You have a perfect nose.

We named you Isaac Marc.

After two men I love most.

You are my "peace" boy. You love others that some may find hard to love. I have learned how to be a better friend to others by watching you.
I love this picture of you. Not only are you happy but you hold my pink heart in your hand.
You are my boy that goes with the flow! Check out the candles... not only are they backwards but not one of them are the #8! But if you add them together 5+2+1 it = 8! And 8 is great!

Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Isaac.


Nana said...


Karlyn said...

I think the candles on the cake are awesome! Was that his idea?

KC Mom said...

8 years have gone by so fast!!! Happy Birthday Isaac!

Denette said...

I also like the candles. Less to blow out, but is still 8.

Sam Ransom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This is a big one! I still think he is a Sunbeam in my class- hard to believe it has been that long!