Saturday, May 16, 2009

Feeling WICKED

Jordie and I played "hookie" last Wednesday. We went on a little road trip to Omaha. Just me and her... She and me... We dressed up pretty and were off to see WICKED. This pass year Jordie has been obsessed with the music. She LOVED the song "PoPuLaR" She knows every word. I'm not sure what I enjoyed more... watching the show or watching HER watch the show.

Grandma Gloria, When we saw a fountain filled with bronzed "HONKERS" we had to stop for a picture!

What girls trip would not be complete with out a purchase of a new hair accessory? Actually this one is for Miracle but until she is here... it will be put to good use!

I am a LUCKY mom to have a SPECIAL girl like you! I love you my Jordie Pordie!


Nana said...

Jordie,you look very pretty, and happy to spent the day with your Mom in Omaha...lucky girl!

KC Mom said...

What a fantastic memory!!'ll be a star!!

Catherine said...

awwww . . . jealous you got to see it again . . What fun!

Sam Ransom said...

Jodie- you look so beautiful in that dress!!!