Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For my Birdies...

Just the thought of my blog makes me feel uneasy these days...My palms start sweating.. My mind starts racing... I would imagine my heart starts beating so hard one may see the pounding on my chest.
We've been on 2 major vacations... finalized Zion's adoption... had an amazing sealing... laughed a lot... cried a bunch... you know... we've been busy... LIVING! I'm so behind on posting us living I feel as if I am drowning in memories... I have neglected documenting so many moment worth living... My blog isn't for you it is for my 5 sweet birdies that sing in my nest...
My dad recently sent me a study published in June this year by a couple of BYU researchers; it had to do with predicting when youth would participate in binge drinking. The study stated "teens who feel supported and loved and well as monitored by their parents were least likely to engage in heavy drinking."
I dare say our children are young and most likely would not be exposed to drinking any time soon... But recent events have learned that children are exposed much younger than I imagined... the sad reality is that PARENTS become a support of their habit.... The lesson I gleaned from this article it is good idea to provide both supervision and affection in your relationship with your child.
My hopes for my blog for my children to have a physical reference of the love I have for them... Each day I pray that they will feel this love from me... I also plead each day with the Lord to help me not screw them up due to my dumb mistakes!
Bear with me as I catch up on my love!


pan x 8 said...

Your right.. it's for your kids and they are going to love every thought recorded!!

I'm going to try and scrapbook my first blog year since it was only like a month!

jasmine bailey-barfuss said...

So there are your beautiful kiddies you were talking about!
(It just so happens that I have a blank canvas in front of me right now, might try to whip up a little something beautiful for you) xoxo