Friday, August 27, 2010

Finding Joy in My Journey

I suspect that we we find TRUE JOY in our Journey... whatever it may be... Our Father Rejoices.


Dixie Mom said...


pan x 8 said...

very true.

Gary Sticht said...

What's the saying about the man who complained he had no shoes until he saw the man who had no feet? I've seen this before but love it. Very Inspiriational!

Miss you tons honey buns!

Robin and Don said...

Love that guy. He was on, I think Oprah, a few years back. Amazing man!!

PS I just saw the Rock Star entry. Your so cute. Thanks for all the prayers and card and blog. Every little bit helps.

I finally got to my blog this weekend. You'll have to get the up-dates.

Love ya

~Mama Lisa~ said...

Oh Kiera, Thanks I love that guy!!