Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It seem that lately the topic of though has been funerals and the planning there of... I'm all for that... My parents have there's all planned... Right down to the marker being set it place.
It was a bit eerie paying my sister a visit a few weeks ago to find my parents picture on a bench next to her plot with my name etched as their child.
My parents were both standing next to me...
how many times will this be the case?

There is a sense of peace knowing where my mothers white laced gloves she would like placed on her hands are.
Although I love her hands...
she wants them covered.
So before I put them on
I plan to take a picture of them.

I've never put much thought into my own funeral...
Yes,I know that one day a funeral will be thrown
with me as the guest of honor.
But I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal.
I seem to live in the moment... enjoy the seconds I am breathing.

Even with Noah Boy throwing a MASSIVE tantrum in Target today due to a non working dinosaur toy I would not buy for him... all the while Zion screams right along knowing that she may miss out on any attention while I care for the boy.

Not once in all the drama
did my funeral come into my thoughts.

I don't have a lot of reflective time...
Maybe that's why I haven't thought to make plans
to ease the mourning process...

But when I do reflect I reflect on the living....
And sometimes...
My reflections lead me to direct conversations with my God.

I had a lot of direct moments today...
WE talked a lot about my cousin, Robin and her husband Don.

Don's a doctor... and amazing... and perfect for Robin.
Really he's lucky to have her.
well Robin is a ROCK STAR.
She told me that herself one time walking to our cars in a large parking lot.
I asked where she parked. She said
"Oh, I have ROCK STAR parking."

Not everyone gets that you know.

Like my sister, Sharmayn, Robin was born with Cystic Fibrosis.
You know what I have learned about CF?
God gives it to the ROCK STARS.

My mom called me this morning and said that Robbie is in the ICU getting a little ROCK STAR treatment...
Which has lead me to a lot of refection today.
A lot of direct conversations taking place.
A lot of family and friends are "reflecting" on Robin and Don's behalf.

With all this reflection MIRACLES are bound to happen...

Robin and Don... seriously the cutest couple I know!


McAtee Family said...

The Guest of Honor does not plan one's own party - I will give my funeral no thought and leave it up to those who are throwing the party. My parents have theirs planned down to every last detail - guess they think that I won't change things around to how I want since I will be the official party thrower. They are wrong.

Hoping Robin a speedy recovery!!!

pan x 8 said...

Reading a book where a family is losing a bro with disabilities to cancer.. I even took some time to reflect not on how people will react to my death but what am I doing today to make life worth living?

Today we had fewer yells, fewer irratations and I took ALL 6 of my kids school shopping this afternoon. It was a fun day and I feel like I want to live more like Henry and be a ROCK STAR!

Thanks for the post! Love ya! And I totally thought me and Charlie were the cutest couple you know! =)