Friday, December 26, 2008

The Best Snow On Earth

We made it to Utah just in time for a good snow! Grandma and Grandpa's neighbor Rusty is a real hero in our kids eyes. He hooked a sled up to his 4 wheeler and took the kids for a snow ride! Thanks Rusty!
Ammon, Isaac and Stevie

Jordie and Madi... and friends
Who wouldnt want to sled like this!?!?! No hiking up hill... Just smooth sailing baby!


Alaska Law said...

That's how we do it here too. There's nothing like a good 4-wheeler!

Amber said...

4 wheelers rock! How awesome is that! Did you take a ride too??

Ms. Kelli said...

I have to say....not really missing the snow here in AZ. I'm glad you had fun, though :).