Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve A Family Affair!

Aunt Tammy was so excited to see her baby Noah

Aubrianna, Heather, Aubrey, Dustin and Grandma Great

Uncle Bill...
Grandma Helen better know as "Grandma Great" and Grandma B
Noah and the beautiful Aubriana... My cousin Aubrey's daughter
Daddy's flight was a bit late... Noah was SO happy to see him!
Jordie was thrilled with her exchange gift!
Aunt Carol and Heather! Heather leaves in a few weeks for her mission! I am so excited to see her grow and become an even more amazing woman over the next 18 months!
Madi played the Angel of the Lord..."Shazam!"

Taylor played Joseph. Noah was Baby Jesus eating Cherrios. Jordie was Mary. Ammon and Stevie were Shephards. Isaac, Trey and Tyler were the 3 Wise Guys.

The kids seemed to have a fun time acting out the Nativity... TJ on the other hand was truly the good sport!

I am so grateful we have been able to spend our holiday with family. It has been many years since we have been home for Christmas. I am loving every minute of it!


Catherine said...

So did Marc miss Christmas morning?!

Holly said...

Ha, I love the "Shazam"! Glad you guy had a great Christmas! Love ya!!

Ms. Kelli said...

So cute! I love watching children act out the nativity. It's awesome. :)