Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Red Haired Beauty

I just love my nieces and nephews!!! Besides the fact that Madi (my youngest niece) is one funny girl she has the most BEAUTIFUL hair. It is amazingly red with the most perfect curls! I know of women who would feel so bless to have this head of hair! Me being one of them! At this point in Madi's young life she is not so appreciative... But one day she will look back and be grateful for the beautiful hair God gave her... I'm sure it will be the day I win the contest with her dad of who will loose all of their hair first!
We are having so much fun this week with them.. She and Jordie are truly two pees in a pod! It is fun to hear them giggle all hours of the night... Well I guess I dont really hear them but Grandma and Grandpa sure do! They have had such a fun time caring for Noah.. As Grandma would say..."He truly is our Human Toy!"
One very special thing about our dear Madi is that she looks just like her Aunt Sharmayn... my sweet sister who lives with Heavenly Father. I am ever so grateful for this tender reminder that she is still so near. I think that My Heavenly Father knew that one day I would need a physical reminder of Sharmayn's Beauty. How grateful I am that it came in the most perfect form of my darling niece Madi!
Here's to you my Red Hair Beauty!


Christina said...

What gorgeous hair. You have been quite the blogger today!

Melissa J. said...

Oh my gosh, Madi does look like Sharmayn. That just gave me a tearing eyes, wow! Madi is gorgeous!!

Prudy said...

What a sweet post! I'm so grateful for the gospel and the perspective that it brings. I also love the red hair.

Betsy said...

I remember the tender feelings as you would talk about visiting Sharmayn in the hospital.

Heather said...

Coming from the girl who cursed her curly hair until about 3 years ago (no kidding), she will love her hair one day...after many years of not knowing what to do with it and trying everything from hot irons to chemical straighteners. She's a little young to care about hair care right now, but tell her Biolage Gelee and a diffuser will soon become her BFFs.

KC Kanenwishers said...

She really does look like photos I've seen of your sister. I think she's beautiful and I would love to have her hair.
The "human toy" is the perfect description of Noah..only add "community human toy". Everyone feels like such a part of his life...it's so funny how they all just want to play with him.