Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My FAVORITE 7 year old

This past Sunday my little Isaac turned 7! I can not believe just how amazing this boy is! Just when I think I could not love him more he does something that makes that love grow!
Here are a few things I love about Isaac

  • He has the most tender heart. He makes it a point to befriend the underdog... even if it is not cool
  • He loves to play with his little brother
  • He puts up playing endless school with Jordie...
  • He just cant let Noah cry... He stops whatever he is doing no matter how much fun it is in order to tend to his baby brother
  • He will not take a bit of his food without asking Heavenly Father to bless it.
  • He still thinks it is cool for me to visit school for lunch or just because
  • He loves his cousin Stevie... They have had endless fun together since he has come for a visit
  • He still does naughty things discised as a lot of FUN!
  • He is a good reader
  • He tries to do his best at everything
  • He is a GREAT soccer player
  • He wants to be an IMAGINEER with Ammon and let us ride the rollercoaster they invent first! (I am not sure I want to be the very first rider though) (But a free pass to Disney!?!?! I am lovin that!)

My list really can go on a on!

I am so excited to throw his birthday bash on Thursday! There is food, water, science and fun planned! I will be sure to give you all a little peek in on the fun!


Amber said...

What a sweet boy! And so handsome!

Melissa J. said...

Wow, handsome! I like his hair.

KC Kanenwishers said...

I can hardly believe it...7 years! He's so tall now too. Time is flying.

McAtee Family said...

So big - I still remember the little chubby faced boy that I first met 4 1/2 years ago. He is losing that "baby" look and turning into a little man - I love it!!

Catherine said...

what science stuff did you decide on? I'm curious. It's such a good idea for a party. Can't wait to hear how it goes

Christina said...

I always love it when the kids have birthdays. It's so nice to have a day where you can reflect on the wonderful person they are becoming.