Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day Trips

Grandma Bateman Grandma Great
What a busy day this has been! It started out with a trip to Tooele to see both of my Grandma's. It seem as if nobody can get enough of this little guy! While we were at Grandma Bateman's home the kids were able to climb and pick apples off the big tree in the back yard. Aunt Carol (a.k.a. Aunt Sis) and Aunt Tammy were waiting for us at Grandma Greats house! Then My cousin Heather arrived... I thought a cat fight might break out due to the lack of more babies! All the stops were pulled out when it came to who Noah loved the most. I think that maybe Aunt Tammy won... Even if she didnt win I would say that she would because I have seen how onery she can get. I remember how she would chase her daughter around grandma's house with a shoe! Really! How funny huh!
It was really a great visit. I was sorry that it had to be so short. I really miss hanging out with family. I asked my cousin Heather to come out for a visit! I sure hope she takes me up on the offer! She is really a ROCKSTAR!

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hmburton said...

Kiera! I love your blog!! I get really bored at work sometimes, so I have just been stopping by! I miss you guys tons and can't wait to see you! Give all your kids a kiss for me! And of course give Noah's cheeks a little squeeze!!