Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Great Salt Lake

On our way home from Tooele we were able to stop and investigate one of the most famous landmarks in Utah. The Great Salt Lake. Isaac has been really excited to "get his hands on" this vast collection of water. As we walked towards the water the kids kept saying "oh this is smelly.. I think someone pooped!" Indeed this is a smelly place... But oh did we have a good time. The kids walked far out in the water! Isaac found some flat rocks. We were able to see and touch brine shrimp (YUCK). Albeit smelly it was a cool experience!


Betsy said...

When I got a whiff of the Pacific Ocean I remember comparing in my mind to the Great Salt Lake.

Christina said...

Looks like fun. I love your pictures. I have to take like a million just to get a couple that turn out okay. We'll have to stop by there on our way back towards home. I think the girls would really like it (well at least the two younger ones).