Monday, June 9, 2008

Kennecott Copper Mine

We took a little field trip to the Kennecott Copper Mine this afternoon. I remember going there as a child and wanted our kids to experience this vast mine. I missed the cool movie due to a diaper change and not knowing where everyone went but I hear it was really really cool. I did learn a few things though...

  1. vinyl is made from the ore extracted from the mine

  2. it take 6 tires to fully operate a tractor... each of these tires cost $25,000.00

  3. You can see the mine from space

  4. the mine NEVER shuts down operation. Everyday and night of the week.... even holidays!

There is a lot more I learned but I guess I didn't retain much. It was super cool to see though.


Amber said...

I like that there was a car in that picture, it really gave me perspective on how huge that is!

McAtee Family said...

Om my gosh - I had completely forgotten about the mines. I went there as a child and loved it. Thanks for sharing - I am now going to add it to my list of places that Haley and Sophie need to visit.