Friday, September 12, 2008


This one is for my DEAR FRIEND CATHERINE!
My thoughts have been with you for a few days as I watch Hurricane Ike move closer to your family. As I read your blog this morning I was grateful that we have been counseled to have food and supplies set aside for just this thing. Glad you have your water barrels filled to the brim!
My thoughts have also loomed over Lakeisha and her little family. I have not mentioned her name before but this may be one of the most important women in our families lives. Lakeisha is Noah's birthmother. She and her 4 children live right in the path of this storm. My prayers are constant for her and her safety. She, unlike Catherine and her family, have not had the counsel from church leaders to prepare for distaster and times of trial. I have a constant tug at my heart hoping and praying she has water, food and shelter to weather out this storm.
So today you will find my heart full of prayers... Prayers of gratitude. Prayers of Concern. Prayers of Love. Prayers of Safety. May you all be protected!

Oh and Catherine... Enjoy Hawaii!


McAtee Family said...

Haley was suppose to be in Galveston Texas today with Mike's parents. She is heartbroken but after we explained what a Hurricane was, she has been so cute about adding those people to her prayers. I have followed suite and have added them to my prayers as well.

I will be sure to be Noah's Birth mom and her little family in my prayers over the next few days as well as the rest of our friends in the path of Ike.

Cortney said...

I am flying out of Houston on Tuesday to go to Africa so I'm feeling Catherine's pain. They are saying that it's possible that all the missed flights would have to be made up first - praying for this storm to pass FAST!

I'm originally from Beaumont which is near the path of the hurricane and I'm VERY worried about a few friends who decided to stay.

KC Kanenwishers said...

I'm adding Lakeisha to my list!

Robin and Don said...

Okay, so now I am curious about our new friend Catherine. I wanted to look up her blog but your too blog popular. I would have to spend half of my day clicking down your list. Would you please share which blog is hers?

Thanks from lil' miss nosy

Natalie said...

Hey Kiera,
I just wanted to let you know that I spy on your blog all the time! :) I have just started a blog, and I am adding you to my list. Miss you!!!!!!