Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Saturday, we were so sad to learn that our good ol' cat Tigger had kidney failure. There is no cure.
My top 10 memories of Tigger:
10. Cats tongues feel like sandpaper. I was surprised when Tigger first licked me.
9. One night Tigger showed his love to me by bringing me a live bunny! Love or not I was not happy!
8. Tigger could take anything Isaac could give him. I was always amazed he would keep going back to the toddler Isaac. Now... they are best of buddies...
7. I will miss his loud meows at our bedroom door when he wants attention.
6. Brigder taught us that Tigger may attack when you play monster with him and say RAURRR really loud in his face
5.I love how soft his fur is under his ears
4. No matter how much love he was getting from someone... when Marc-A-Roni called he would always come to him
3. I loved when he would pounce on his sister Sage
2. Tigger was always up for giving Sage a bath... He would take put both of his arms around her (like a big bear hug) and lick her to death... It was quite endearing!
1. Being a Non-Cat enjoyer... Tigger grew on me... He will be missed by the RitterB's
I over heard Isaac talking to Tigger, Jordie and Ammon this morning:
Isaac: Have a good time in Heaven Tigger
Ammon: We will miss you Tigger, I am really sad.
Isaac: Don't worry Ammon, Aunt Sharmayn will take really good care of him. She will play with him and they will be really good friends.
Ammon: Yea, they will have fun. Let's give mom a new baby cat for Mothers day.
As touchy as this subject has been I am grateful to hear that our kids "Get It" They know that there is life beyond the grave. That we will live together again.


McAtee Family said...

Poor tigger. Glad to hear that you will be getting a new cat for mother's day though.

RitterB's said...

That's it Melissa! I am going to sew your mouth SHUT!

KC Kanenwishers said...

Man...I think I've known tigger longer then any other cat ever. He's a good kitty and I'm sure he'll be in kitty heaven. I believe it too.

Kelli said...

So sorry about your cat, Tigger. He looks like a cutie. Loved all your memories...I'm not sure all of them are fond memories, however. :)

margene f said...

Hey! I have 3 adorable kittens looking for a home. I mean adorable!!!

Sam Ransom said...

That stinks! I loved talking with Tigger. He was always up for talking to you. Your boys Definately get it!!

Catherine said...

Sorry to hear about Tigger. So, are you putting him to sleep? I remember, as a child, having a cat and a dog that had to be put to sleep because of illness/injury. It was sad, I remember. As an adult, my mom had another childhood pet of ours put to sleep and I was surprised how much it affected me, because I thought I wasn't that emotionally attached to the animal. So, don't be surprised if it makes you a little weepy for a day. Good luck.

Catherine said...
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