Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallows' Eve

We had the most {Frightful} night on Halloween... It was filled with A VERY pregnant Witch, A Wyoming Cowboy, a ninja, stormtroopers, Beautiful Pirate Princess, A Army Commander, The cutest Frog ever and of course the star of the show was Pooh Bear. We topped off our night of spells at the Ransom home for a party filled with the darling and most well know fairy Tinkerbell, dressed up friends, a fire juggling Peter Pan, and The Great Pumpkin. Of course Wendy made the yummiest food for all to enjoy and took the best care of us just as any "mom" should! No wonder the lost boys didnt want her to go. Thanks for the invite we are glad we came. On the way home we were super excited to see two deer standing in the road. We had stopped to let them finish crossing. The kids were super excited to be so close. As we watched in awe a car came from the other direction and HIT one of the deer... Happy Halloween...our night ended in tears and for some strange reason we all missed Tigger.

Dreaming of baby boy #4

Ammon made a Ninja mask at his school party. He was excited to wear it.
The gang's all here!

I love the rolls on his tummy!

Too much honey Pooh Bear?


Amy said...

Looks like a wonderful Halloween! I would have to say Pooh Bear stole the show though! :-)

Amber said...

Awe So Cute! Zach was Pooh Bear last year and I don't think any costume will ever top the pooh bear!

Straight to Your Hart said...

Cute costumes and looks and sounds like a fun and and eventful night..So sorry for the serene moment taken away..sad! However I would love some honey from that pooh bear!!

Lori said...

Noah is such a HAM!

Robin and Don said...

That is the cutest winnie the pooh I have ever seen! I had to laugh out loud when I saw him. It sounds like your Halloween was one the kids will never forget and I am sorry to hear about Bambi and the car ordeal. I'll be seeing you soon!!

Brett and Azurdee said...

Noah is such a cutie!!!!! I love how great you are to Myka and Melissa. Thanks for posting the pics! Love,Azurdee

Jan said...

Thank you for being such a good second family for Myka and Melissa. Your family is some kind of wonderful!

Jan Veigel