Thursday, November 27, 2008

ThanksgiBing Feast

We had an early Thanksgiving Feast this year. "Dinner" was at noon! It was a perfect time!
Our Indian Boy Ammon!
Isaac's Favorite Strawberry Pretzel Salad

The Sweet Potatoes are from Scratch... No canned Yams For US! The marshmallows are a bit on the charred sided... Burnt marshmallows are my favorite so I was happy!
Homemade dressing! As a child my job was to "break" the bread. This job has been handed off to Jordie now!

Fresh Cranberry sauce

Mashed Potatoes

Anderson's Cherry Jello! (Thanks for the addiction Nat)

Skunk Eggs
Rolls Dad's gravy
Canned Cranberry Sauce for Grandma

We all know that this day is not about the food...It is about the gratitude we have for this great Country. For the gratitude we have for our membership in the Church. For our freedom. For our friends that have become family. Today, I am grateful.


Sam Ransom said...

Wow!! You are so good at taking pictures of everything!! My sister and I use her camera and my flash so I will have to wait to get my copy from her. Looks like you had quite the feast!!

Natalie said...

We had the cherry jello too!!
So glad I could contribute to someone else's addictions. I must be really missing y'all because I had dreams of your family all night long last night! Please give everyone hugs from us!! Love you!

KC Mom said...

Sorry we missed THAT! Actually we miss YOU more than the food.

Christina said...

Yum! Everything looks so good. We had Thanksgiving early in the day too and surprisingly I actually like it better at that time. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

the Panlings said...

Honey, you sure do know how to make a feast I wasn't even at - look so good I want some now!! Well can you believe it I added sapasui (chop suey), fa'i (cooked bananas), samoan sosisi (sausage), and fa'ai shrimp to my thanksgiving menu - way too much food...

I am thankful for you, my good friend!