Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bummed out!

Disappointed is what I feel today. I went to bed last night hoping for a Miracle. Hoping that some of the 30 and under crowd would have gotten it. That they would have seen that socialistic health care was not the answer. I would sure hate to need my gallbladder out and have to wait on that waiting list! Believe me people I have seen that happen. There are people in Sweden who have had that happen to them in thier Socialistic world. A few weeks ago Marc-A-Roni and I were talking to a Obama follower. We asked why they were voting for Obama. The reply was "well, I need health insurance". To all the voters who voted for the FREE health insurance... here is a little secret. There was a time when we did not "get" health insurance from the company my hubby worked for... Guess what we did?!?!? WE PAID FOR IT OURSELVES PEOPLE! We didn't wait for the government to take care of us and pay for it. I repeat... WE PAID FOR IT WITH OUR HARD EARNED MONEY.
I am SO disappointed in our people. I am disappointed that we find it OK to vote for someone that has the balls to vote in favor of late term abortion. Listen to me.... I am here today because my birth mother VALUED MY life. My SON is here because his birth mother VALUED HIS life... What in the hell are we thinking! I will NEVER vote for someone who is a Pro-Choice supporter.
This morning the kids woke up wanting to know who won. I said " I would guess it is Obama." Each one had disappointment on their face. I have been surprised how involved the kids have been this year. It is notMarc-a-Roni and my doing... it has come from the school. We had kept pretty quite about it until the questions started coming. We did all we could to help the kids understand that if we were neighbors to the Obama family we would probably be good friends. We would play and have BBQ's together. That Mr. Obama was probably a really good daddy. But that we did not agree with all that he was saying he wanted to "CHANGE." Getting back to my story... Ammon may have been the most disappointed....His reaction was "Well, McCain never gave up! And no matter what I am NOT going to obey Obama." So of course I tried to help him see that even though we don't agree with the outcome of this election we are still so Blessed to live in a Free Country.
Today a wise mans "Dream" came to pass. We do live in a country of equality where black and white drink from the same fountains.
Oh boy this is a random world!


KC Mom said...

Well at least we can say we tried.

Natalie said...

AMEN!! What more can I say?

Sam Ransom said...

What can I say? I love Ammon!! Isn't it funny what kids know these days. We watched last night and I watched McCain's speech. It was very nice. I still respect him and respect that he loves America so much.

Shauna said...

The term "pro choice" buts dagger in my heart when I look at the beautiful babies (Noah, and Maguire)! God bless there birth moms and your birth mom. I believe all will be accountable for there vote, and we have peace knowing we stood up for our values and the lifes of those who have no voice. I pray that the hearts of those whom believe "pro-choice" is ok....will be softened.

Christina said...

Well said! I could not have said it better myself. I hear you on the insurance thing. With Eric being self employed it is stinking expensive for us to get insurance, so we pay for it out of pocket. And it ticks me off everytime a pharmacist or doctor says to us we don't have healthcare! Ugh! Uh, hello! My kids have never once had to go without medical care because we didn't have insurance. Eric has always made it work.

The girls were pretty dissappointed too about the income. I thought for sure Eric would have told them the news when he woke them up this morning. Imagine how surprised they were when they went to school and found out there. Erica is still holding out hope though! ;)