Friday, November 28, 2008

The Church of the Hallway

When Isaac was a toddler we joined the Church of the Hallway. This is the group of parents who have toddlers that no matter how much effort is put into packing a bag full of fun you can not keep your child in the meetings. So you roam the halls. You think to yourself each week... "Why am I even here? If I were home I could at least get something done." Then you hear the sweet voice of the Spirit remind you "Because going to church is a commandment..." Sometimes it feels as if your child is the only one that is out of your control. That only your child has the enough energy to fly to the moon and back. That your child is the only one that lacks the ability to whisper... Sometimes you feel that you are the only one in this situation. It is a bit discouraging and at times very stressful. I think that our Heavenly Father sees this. That he looks at us and is pleased that no matter how broken down we are. Or how tempted we are to stay home just this Sunday... we go. We attend our Sunday meetings knowing... we will be in the hallway. It was in this stage in my life that I met my friend Natalie. I grew to love and appreciate her. I became so fond of her children. Our children played so well together. I remember one Halloween when her husband talked me into watching the Ring. Marc-a-Roni was game. Nat on the other hand stayed upstairs and watched something Disney and pretty... To this day I still wish I would have watched something Pretty... I get freaked out just thinking of that movie!
Natalie and her family moved away and like many moving stories we lost touch. We have not spoken in years. I have missed her. I have missed our friendship. I have missed our bond. BUT... through the world of Blogging we have made contact again. We are able to peek into one another's lives and reconnect. Natalie may well be the most talented writers I know. I find myself lost in her posts. They are amazing!
Why do I bring this random moment in my life up? Because you NEVER know when you will meet a good friend. I made a close friend in the church of the hallway. I will ever be grateful to my Heavenly Father for helping us find one another.
Happy Birthday my dear Friend, Natalie...


Natalie said...

Ok, so I had no idea you were going to write such nice things about me. But, as I was reading all about "Church of the Hallway", I kept remembering our times together with Isaac and Cole. Yesterday I found a picture of the two of them playing together...good times. And Jordie and Cade, and all of them loving on Chloe. I truly miss your family.
And, thank you for writing kind words about me. Love you RitterBs.

Breona said...

Thanks for the post. I read this saturday and yesterday at church Dave and I were living by the Church of the hallway to a T. Beckham was a mad man and another dad turns to me with his baby and asks ...the "WHY, do we even bother to come?" Your words helped me out... actually we ended up leaving 15 minutes early. oops.

Kathy said...

I remember being a member of the church of the hallway. I really thought I would never be a member in chapel again. I enjoyed reading this post and was fondly recalling the days of the church of the hallway. They grow up so fast.