Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Family Home Evening Gone Bad.

I have this little blogger friend. I think she has a little crush on our Ammon... He is a bit young for her but hey Who here doesn't love Ammon? So Cortney's Sunday School class played a fun game... I thought it would be a super fun activity for family night... .
Here are the rules:
Someone starts a story and then the next person has to add a sentence and it goes around the room until the paper is filled up. The trick is that you can only ever see the one sentence before yours and the rest are hidden. It's pretty fun. So this week we were talking about encouraging one another so we made all the stories about people in the class.

Fun game huh? Here is how ours turned out...

The Best thing about Daddy is.
He has the Priesthood.
He goes to work so we can have many things.
He is smart and handsome.
He has big feet.
He wears glasses.
He can help me out about anytime.
And tickle me.
He is strong.
And I love him very much.

The Best thing about Mom is.
She gets us ready for school.
She is very beautiful.
She is very nice.
She has hair.
She is pritty.
But she laughs weird.
And has a cute nose.
She loves to walk.
And loves to ride a bike.
Has smelly feet.
That smell like pine trees.

The Best thing about Jordie is.
That she is 8 and baptized.
She is sweet and smart.
She knows her ABC's
Her ears can work.
She has beautiful hair.
She is sweet as sugar.
She has crazy dances.
And stinky farts!
Ya Right!
But oh, what an amazing personality.
And knows how to cheer people up.

The best thing about Isaac is.
He love to have fun.
And talk in a crazy voice.
And doing silly dances.
But only on Tuesday.
On Friday they want to sleep on the chair in Mom and Dad's room.
They like to jump on the tramp.
And to swing on the swing set.
And jump on the tramp.
In his purple sweater.
He as a eye.

The best thing about Ammon is.
He can cheer me up when I am sad.
He makes super silly faces!
He is funny.
He tickles me and Isaac.
Between our tows.
He has a gross thing between his toes.
He has glasses.
And looks very handsome in them,
And looks handsome in a tie.
But looks better in a skirt!

The best thing about Noah is.
He knows how to make us laugh.
He likes to spit.
He has the best laugh.
He is cute.
His toe nails are long.
And painted pink and white polka dot.
He has brown hair.
He wears his shoes almost the whole day.
And has soft, supple feet!
That smells like flowers!

We had a really fun time as we added our ideas. Too bad Jordie and Ammon took it too personal and stormed off steaming mad! Nothing like a happy FHE!
Thanks Cortney!!!


LisaLee said...

Do you know what they say about FHE it is the fight that begins and ends with prayer. That is my husband's favorite line


Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

Family Fist Fight Night. It does begin and end with prayer....and a snack.

My parents spent some time your folks the other night. They really enjoyed meeting them.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Those are cute. I do actually have a crush on Ammon but in a he's such a cute, funny kid way! :)

Glad ya'll tried it out. Some times we do it with things like...Once upon a time, The best thing about spring is...etc. It never really gets old!

Karlyn said...

This is probably how it would unfold at our house. However, there would be much more talk about feet and farts.