Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little help Here People

OK ,help me out someone... My blog is all in a straight row... What happened to the double column? I have fiddled with it for several days now and can not get it back to how it once was... If any of you can figure this out for me I may throw a prize your way!
Hello... I said a prize!!!!


Dennis and Cherise said...

looking at this post it is two rows, but the main view is one row....I am guessing that one of your post extends too far to the side some how...cause i noticed this the other day with one of your post...I'll go look and let you know which one it is.

Dennis and Cherise said...

It's the 300 post! I know blogger has been doing some weird stuff to my post before I post I am sure it is from the coding of your big words and color...go into edit post and delete all the gibberish before your first picture, and I am thinking that should work...dont quote me though. Oh you will need to do the changes by choosing Edit HTML when your in...your picture code should start out like this: *a onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully()

Hope this helps: oh the * before the a should be a < but blogger was being picky saying it was html code

Meet My Camera said...

your layout has been fiddled with (see all the stuff at the bottom, that should be on the side?).

Make sure the layout you want is selected...then go to "edit layout" in your menu and click and drag all the stuff that ended up at the bottom (your profile and buttons and whatnot) to the side where they belong. You may have to re-do some things, but that's the easiest fix I see.

E-mail me if you need a better explanation...

No prize necessary :)
Hope that helps.

KC Mom said...

It looks normal to me...maybe you've already fixed it?