Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brags & Bummers

My niece Madi is in 5th grade. Her teacher has a Tuesday Tradition.... {Brags &Bummers} They all sit in a circle and tell their tales of the week...
Here is Madi's Brag for the week...Or maybe the YEAR

There is NOTHING better then news like this. Baby "Chuck" as "Chee Jay" calls him...OR Baby "Monk" as the rest of the family will call him could not be coming to a family more excited to receive him or HER!!!
Cant you tell I have "GIRL" on the brain????

Let me hear your {Brag or Bummer}


LisaLee said...

We had a High Councilman who happens to be my OBGYN he said their family has a tradition at the dinner table every night they are suppossed to say 2 things that happened that day, a brag and a bummer.

I thought that was really cute. I think this is really cute also Congratulations on the new niece or "pink one" coming in November. That is way way cool.

Love Lisa

LisaLee said...

My Brag would be that I am doing exceptionally well for having surgery. I went to work yesterday for the first time since I have had surgery 2 weeks. I see the Doctor on Thursday and Hopefully get some privledges back before the kids go out for spring break

My bummer would be that it is snowing outside.

Have a wonderful day everyone

Robin and Don said...

That is so exciting!

Sam Ransom said...

How exciting!! That is something to brag about! I'm thinking pink for you!

Hmm My Brag from this week- my friend and I are training for a marathon next month that is through the woods on an unpaved trail. So last Saturday we did 4.5 miles out on a trail in Shawnee Mission Park. It was so fun!

My bummer- Sariah has a seriously bad runny nose. She is getting so sick of me wiping her nose and I feel pretty bad doing it!