Monday, March 23, 2009

What's a Mother to Think?

ME: What's this Ammon?

AMMON: A picture of you when you were pregnant with ALL of us.

ME: Is that me?

AMMON: Yep... you had a big belly.

ME: Where am I in this picture?

AMMON: In the Hospital.

ME: What is that "GB" for?

AMMON: Oh that means Good Job.

ME: Oh nice.

AMMON: I love you Mom.

Seriously.. is my kid not a Rock Star?!?

My belly may be a bit questionable.. but hey I have 4 kids in there right?


Dennis and Cherise said...

He is so sweet, and loves his momma! Oh of course we can meet up, I was hoping that we could do a big lunch type of thing with a bunch of girls. And Dennis and I would also love to do something with the Ritter B's.

Sam Ransom said...

Okay even though you told me about the picture before, I still laughed really hard at this post! that is just priceless and SOOOO AMMON!!!HAHAHAHAHA- GB Mom!! GB!!

Nana said...

That picture is a framer., and priceless,gb.

KC Mom said...

You might need to frame that one...

Ms. Kelli said...

Oh...that is so funny!! Your little guy is so precious. He seems like such a character. Thanks for the laugh.

Robin and Don said...

I like the belly button.

Mommy Dear said...

What a sweet boy! I love the "GB"!

Too funny!

nikkicrumpet said...

That is so dang cute. Although I'm more worried about your hands than your belly! I've had the best time scrolling through your blog. You have such a beautiful family. And I love your attitude about being a mom. Your kids are very lucky! And I agree with him.. GB!