Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Something Green

My Grandma B has a best friend. They live on the same street. They have as long as I have been alive. In fact they have been there almost as long as my mom has been alive. To the family Granda B's best friend has always been our "Aunt Nellie" We love Aunt Nellie. She's not really our Aunt. She is the only Aunt I put the title{Aunt} before their name. I heard my mom say just a few months ago that she didn't know she wasn't really her Aunt until she was older. Silly isn't it? Not knowing who is your blood relation. I find it doesn't really matter.
This past year I have caught myself referring to my closest friend as "Aunt Cheryl." I'm not sure when she earned the title. She didn't do anything out of the normal this year. See, she has always love our children. We met when Jordie was only a month old. She has been there through every pregnancy, every delivery, every false labor, every heart ache. Really, everything. She has taught our kids how to dip their fries in ranch. Shared chapstick with Ammon... even if it was just for him to eat and lick on. Changed more diapers for me then she should.
It is St. Patty's day today and we needed to make a visit to "SOMETHING GREEN" I knew just the spot. It is really Cheryl's Spot. Today we visit the green chair at the temple site! With out Aunt Cherly's obsession with the new temple we may have never known about the nasty green Naugahyde chair that points the direction of the temple.

If you would like to learn more about Cheryl's chair click on the Temple Chaser button!


Nana said...

How funny is that. I was wondering who's chair that was! Happy St Pats.

Robin and Don said...

That may be the strangest chair story I have ever heard! I hope you keep visiting it. Maybe you'll find another treat.

Natalie said...

So sweet!!
Wish I could pay a visit to the chair! :)

McAtee Family said...

So cute - although I am in amazement that you let your kids climb on a germy chair :)

Catherine said...

If we ever get back to KC before that chair is gone, we'll have to get a picture on it too!

I'm enjoying having my kids (well, ok - Allison) home for spring break too. I realize how much she's gone at school during times like this, and I just hate it!

ps: read my comment on Cheryl's blog

TX2MOM said...

Wow, you let your kids touch it...the germaphobic side of you had to hush for awhile,huh?

Your post reminds me of Tom. Scott has known Tom since college years and the kids call him "Uncle Tom". No other uncle has that title. Great post:)

Breona said...

That is great. good find aunt cheryl! Your kids all the sudden look so much older. specially Isaac. with those glasses he's a teen bopper.