Friday, October 24, 2008

Midnight Snack

We DONT do Sleepovers... Unless.... We get tricked real good!
It seems that Benny gets to sleep over "here" and Jordie gets to sleep over "there" after a fun date night with Wayne and Lisa more times than not. The kids pull the "Cousin" act and are super sweet... so... We the tired parents give in. Really we love Benny! And Carrie is the perfect big "sister" for Jordie. They are all peas in a pod when they are together... I guess you can call that {Family} I was finishing cleaning up the kitchen super late tonight when Isaac came up with a food order... It went something like this:
Isaac: Mom, I need to eat. I am so so hungry.
Mom: It is late what are you hungry for?
Isaac: You can just make 3 ham sandwiches.
Mom: ?????
Isaac: Thanks, Mom..[he exits to the basement to finish watching a movie with the boys]
Marc-a-Roni: Are you really just going to take that order? [making a whipping motion in the air]
Mom: Sure, but can you imagine how many he will asks for when they are all teenagers?
Isaac: Umm... you only need to make 2 ham sandwiches, Ammon wants a peanut butter and honey.
Mom: That sounds like Ammon... even though for the past week he has informed me every morning I make his lunch that he is sick of peanut butter and honey...

It is 12:09 am and the boys happily have gone to the basement with sandwich in hand to finish their movie. What a great scene before I crawl in bed!

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