Thursday, October 2, 2008

October's Relief Society Presidency Message

It was my turn to write the message for our RS newsletter this month. I spent a good week praying and searching for the right subject. Most of you that know me know that the "scare tactic" approach is not my gig. Yes we are to feel a sense of urgency for things that are good. But scared? The following is what the Lord helped me come up with. I think that this message is more for me to keep in check. I am so grateful for the promptings of the spirit. For what it is worth...

My Dear Sisters,
Fall may very well be my favorite season! I love the crispness in the air, the beautiful brown and orange colors that blanket our view, the smell of burning woodstoves and the first glimpses of the morning frost.
I worked diligently this summer gathering and preserving the harvest, so that this winter my family will be able to enjoy the wonderful tastes of the fruits and vegetables that grew this past summer. I was thrilled to find other sisters preparing in the same way.
As I prayed and pondered what message to share this month, I felt prompted to focus on our current events. This past week the news has been swarming with the crisis of our country’s economy. What a scary subject. It is natural to fear the unknown… but… our Heavenly Father wants us to FEAR NOT…yet to PREPARE for such potential challenges. This past Sunday Bishop Litster asked each family to go through the mini-budgeting course found on Marc and I followed his counsel. I found this course so interesting… the world says to make a budget and follow it. This gospel-oriented plan asks us not only to make and follow a budget, but to ask our Heavenly Father to guide us and support us in this great effort. We have found already, that as we follow this budgeting approach we find great personal peace in this world full of uncertainty. The Lord always keeps His promises as we hearken to gospel truths.
For those who may be inclined to feel that this “mountain” of personal/family discipline and preparation is too steep to climb, or just too overwhelming, I leave this thought from Sister Barbara B Smith, former Relief Society general president: “Life is made up of small daily acts. Saving in food budgets come by pennies, not only by dollars. Clothing budgets are cut by mending stitch by stitch, seam by seam. Houses are kept in good repair nail by nail. Provident homes come not by decree or by broad brushstroke. Provident homes come from small acts performed well day after day. When we see in our minds the great vision, then we discipline ourselves by steady, small steps that make it happen.”
Catching the vision of self-reliance is an important part of our responsibility to live providently and to help others in these days of trial. In this effort, the Lord is certainly our greatest resource. If we prayerfully invite His help and guidance…ACT upon it… and we will, step by step, be prepared.
Please know we love you. May you be blessed as you follow the counsel of the Lord and His leaders. And we wish you a happy and plentiful harvest.

With Love,


Betsy said...

That was very good..

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Nice Message. Great job!