Friday, February 6, 2009

To Market To Market...

I found this jello... it is soft and gelly... I am bringing home a couple to try out

Dear Cheryl,
I did it! I found just the thing for you... In cookie form no less

But if the dark chocolate doesnt work.... Try the "DIGESTIFS"

I tried them... they are yummy!

But if those dont work.. I say lets just eat the Bourbon Creams....

So I have racked my brain all day on these ones... Why is Marc's picture not on them?
See you in a week! Hope your tummy is ready to try some of these!


KC Mom said...

Ha!! I've tried those cookies in England. I think it's another word for buscuit!!

Nana said...

Those biscuits looks just like the kind we have in New Zealand....nice

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

We ate a lot of those in London. I will tell you that they are a mild laxative so don't eat too many at a time. ;)

Anonymous said...

We had the Digestive cookies on a flight from Nairobi to Mombasa. They are REALLY good!