Saturday, February 7, 2009

From an Angel's View

We visited KAKUM national park this morning. Aside from the beauty there has been rope bridges constructed up in the tree tops. There are only 4 national parks like this in the world. It was stated that we were walking 200 ft. above ground. I have to believe them since I could not see the ground. Really, it was an amazing experience. There were 7 bridges total. By bridge 4 I was a bit shakie! I was so high up and walking on a small bridge. I am so grateful for this amazing experience. You can't help not marveling at Gods creations. How blessed I am to have seen it from an angels view.

A mango tree

Here I am giving Tarzan a run for his money!


Nana said...

Go Jane...... wait..where's Tarzan!!
Looks like you are having a blast.
Are the mangoes in season over there? They are my favourite fruits.

Sam Ransom said...

That looks like it was so much fun! I bet you are having an amazing time!! How cool!!

Alaska Law said... amazing!

KC Mom said...

Swing away Jane!!