Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Jordie,
6 more days and I will be home. I have so many stories to share with you! Yesterday your mama met the Queen Mother of Sunyami region. Everyone calls her Nana... I took many many pictures of her. I found her beautiful feh feeh fe. That means beautiful in Twee. She gave me one of her bracelets which is a great honor. Of course I cried knowing I was the only one who would this great honor today. She liked me. I showed her our family picture. She asked to keep it with our address. She laughed as she saw your picture. She thought you were beautful too. Many people are curious about why our Noah is black. They are happy to know we will love and care for him. I tell them how much you and your brothers are so helpful and kind to him.
When the Queen was leaving she asked me for a dollar. I did not have a dollar but I did have a new pack of gum. She was happy with the gift.
We left Sunyani yesterday and have arrived in Kumasi. We will be training more midwives today and tomorrow. I will send another note about this subject since my time is short this morning.
I am not able to post pictures here but will post some when I get to Accra.
I love you my Jordie Pordie! Keep your chin up.
Your Mom

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Hi Kiera,
What kind of a trip are you on? Are you a midwife? It sounds really cool and I am happy you got to go. Thanks for all of your posts. I am sure you miss all of your babies at home. Have a wonderful 6 days left. Have a wonderful day and thanks for posting
such neat things.

Love & Laughter